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Pieter 10-29-2012 09:51 AM

Burton custom x VS Nitro pantera LX
Hey guys,

I have the oppurtunity to buy either a burton custom x or a Nitro pantera LX,
from 2012.
I cuurently have a Burton T6 but its on the verge of dying:)

Has anyone rode both boards?


SJ10 10-29-2012 06:12 PM

I've been on a CX 164w for the last couple seasons and rode a Pantera 166w off and on for about 1/2 a season. I haven't been on a pantera lx or a T6 but here's my thoughts...

Both are excellent boards with the CX being slightly more all mountain and the pantera being more freeride. The pantera will be a little more pow friendly and the CX a better jumper.

There are two other things to consider. Look closely at board widths. The pantera has odd waist sizing, and the wide is really wide. The other consideration is binding setup. I like Burton bindings, especially my diode est, so that makes a big difference in my opinion of the CX. You'll want an est or reflex binding with the CX. The Pantera will of course give you more binding options.

The standard Pantera has a different core profile than the LX which is something to consider also, and it is clearly stiffer than the CX.

Both are fast, the ride on the CX is a little more active the Pantera slightly more damp.

I've transitioned to more of an all mountain type rider from a traditional freerider and love the versatility of the CX. I've had dozens of boards over the years and the CX is my favorite to date. That said I'd like to add an LX to my quiver, but I don't see it being my primary board. How's that for a political answer? Tis the season I guess...

dice 12-31-2012 04:58 PM

I had a T6, took out both the CX & Pantera (not LX) on demos for good long runs! The choice between the 2 will depend on what you want from the board.

For start, both will (did) perform better than my also dying T6. Much faster, more stable at speed with greater pop.

Now, between the two, I'd say the Pantera is money at speed and dampness. It is just a super fast board that will be a thrill to ride if that's your game. You'll be literally passing by everyone on the mountain with ease.

CX on the other hand was a great & fun all around board! Good for riding fast, has a very good feel to it and great for jumps and having fun all doing everything with a true all mountain board. I loved it when I took out for a demo and kept it for almost 2 hours.

I'd say the CX would be closer (but better) ride to your T6, while the Pantera is tapered set-back speed monster. Not that the CX isn't fast in it's own rank.

I hope this helps. GL


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