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CheoSamad 11-29-2012 05:30 PM

Lobster Freestyle 2012/2013 Board review
I figured I would do a quick review on my new board for this year.
We will be talking about the Lobster Freestyle 2012/13

Specs-I am riding the 152 cm version (Burton Missions Bindings). The board has a medium to stiff flex, and a cambered profile, with Triple Base Tech.

(if you don't know what triple base is I suggest watching this video and checking out this web page Lobster Snowboards)

Initial thoughts- This was the first board I have ever ridden that had Triple Base Tech (Or TBT) Also keep in mind this was my first day riding in over 8 months.
The first few runs made me feel a bit rusty as I got adjusted to TBT. On a normal board when you carve you feel your edge immediately bite into the snow, however on this there is this feeling of "rolling" onto my edges. The first few runs I would wash out as I tried to bite my edge in and would end up leaning too far and slipping onto my knees/back.
Once I was adjusted carving felt better than it ever has. It makes the board feel much more loose, and "floaty" when I am free riding it. Even with this TBT the board remains very responsive and can maneuver as well as any board I have ridden.
The board also has a lot of pop due to it's flex pattern and camber. This made it a lot of fun to just hop around doing flat ground 180's ect.

After getting adjusted I took the board to the park. This is where the board really shines!
(Our local hill did not have any jumps set up, so I will be updating this thread when I can speak on how the board handles off of kickers.)
The pop is excellent for getting onto taller rails without much effort. You would think TBT would make 50-50's and presses harder but after shaking off the rust they felt as locked in as ever.
My personal favorite part, was how the board handled on perpendicular slides. Frontside and Backside boardslides in the center of the board (With the rail in between the bindings) felt normal. When I started doing slides on my nose, and tails, I could really feel the TBT.
On a normal shaped board when sliding through features sideways you have to be extremely careful to stay flat based. While on this board you still have to keep your base flat, I personally felt as though the TBT lifting my edges away from the rail helps to avoid catching. It made it easier to learn a few new tricks that you have to spin into (like cab 270 front board 270 out on a flat box) The TBT really helps add a jib element to the board and brings the package around full circle for me.

If mother nature agrees with me this year, I will also update this thread on how the board preforms in powder. I imagine the TBT will make all the difference when riding in the white stuff.

Please leave thoughts in the comments. This is my first board review so criticize away, whether it be on content, or structure ect.

SHREDDER97 11-29-2012 05:57 PM

Medium stiff flex? Did you mean medium soft?

phony_stark 11-29-2012 06:10 PM

Good review, man.

TBT kills pow, btw. I have a whatever which is on the softer side, but not a noodle, and it really did....Whatever.

Medium soft, for me, means that while it may take a little effort to get into presses, you're not fighting the board. Also, on tougher terrain, it'll do it, but you normally want a stiffer baord.

Probably my favorite flex. 4-5 outta 10

CheoSamad 11-29-2012 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by SHREDDER97 (Post 545258)
Medium stiff flex? Did you mean medium soft?

Meant medium stiff, but considering I am underweight, it might just be harder for me to flex it than others.
Also I wouldn't say it is soft by any means.

scrotumphillips 11-29-2012 10:10 PM

The Freestyle is just a differently labeled Bataleon Evil Twin, correct?

CheoSamad 11-29-2012 11:16 PM


Originally Posted by scrotumphillips (Post 545400)
The Freestyle is just a differently labeled Bataleon Evil Twin, correct?

I thought the park board was a repainted evil twin. The freestyle board is stiffer than the park board.
Also the park board has a wider center base on the TBT than the Freestyle board.

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