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gullywasher 12-17-2012 10:10 AM

Board sizing advice needed.
I've read all the stickies and a host of information on other board sizing guides. Now I am seeking some real-world advice from you guys.

I am about 210 lbs which, according to most sizing charts from snowboarding sites and manufacturers alike puts me on boards in the 160cm + range, and I followed this advice when I purchased my first board about 5 years ago (mine is a 163). I was perfectly happy with it until I rented a "premium" board from a snow shop last year (some type of Ride, don't remember the model) that was a 155cm. When I asked the girl in the shop about the length vs. weight issue, she said that the board was plenty stiff and that I would like the shorter board much more with my short inseam. I rode better, faster and more confidently on that board than I ever have before. Going back to my old board afterwards, I felt like I was trying to control a canoe.

Thing is, I don't know if it was the fact that the board was shorter or the fact that it was a step up in quality / skill level than I was accustomed to that made it feel so good. Maybe the ride would have been even better on a longer version of the board?

I am about to get a new board now (looking at boards marketed as an intermediate - advanced, stiffness rating 6 - 7 depending on review), but I am still a little worried about going against the mfg recommendation that I should get the 160cm+ board.

What say you guys? I am an intermediate rider (no problems with switch, edge-to-edge, can land small jumps, can survive moguls though not gracefully, etc.) I am mostly a tree and groomer rider and only experiment with the park stuff occasionally. 5'8", 210lbsr, size 10.5 boot, 30" inseam. Think it is OK to go with a board in the 155 to 158 range?

chronicsmoke 12-17-2012 10:16 AM

Well I'm close to you're weight range (210, but 6'3" w/ 12 boots)

I ride 2 159's (one flow infinite for fresh snow, and a K2 Playback for ice), a 157 Rome Garage Rocker for park, and I have played a few days on a 155 K2 WWW..

I ride the 157 mostly, even though I bought it primarily for park.. I rode my brothers 155 WWW a few times at it didn't feel to short either.. the only difference I notice is it's easier to press a 159.

I'd go with a 155/158, yah it's shorter, but they are so fun to play around on.

Weipim 12-17-2012 11:01 AM

at 5‘8 I would size down to something with a rocker cambered hybrid profile board. preferably between 156 to 160

ridetrolbasin 12-17-2012 04:20 PM

If you're gonna be primarily or almost always riding powder and the deep stuff I would def go with the longer board like 159+. If its more of a half and half thing I'de go with a 155-158 but pretty stiff. If you can then demo different boards. And in my opinion it's better to go longer than shorter but that's just me. And also if you go with the shorter board and have a size 12 boot or more go with a wide board for sure because toe drag really sucks.

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