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mirsat 12-18-2012 05:10 AM

Salomon Grip vs K2 Turbo Dream

I have a hard time deciding between the Salomon Grip and the K2 Turbo Dream. I am an advanced rider and have been snowboarding for around 16 years. My height is 178cm/510 and my weight is 68kg/150lbs. I would like to have a board which really excels in powder, but I can also take to rail or a kicker. For example after a fresh snowfall in spring, I go ride pow in the morning and then head for the park in the afternoon if the snow gets too wet out-of-bounds and all lines are tracked.

So here are my questions:

1) Is the Turbo Dream much better in pow compared to the Grip?

2) Is the Turbo Dream much worse in the park?

3) Which one has better pop?

4) Which one has better stability for fast charging?

At the moment, I have a dedicated park stick, so the pow performance is much more important than the park performance. But as mentioned above, I like a board that can handle both and I dont like going home just for switching out boards. I am also open to other board suggestions, I really like rocker-flat-rocker boards for all-mountain versatility.

Thanks very much!!!

hikeswithdogs 12-18-2012 09:51 AM

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TD is great in the Pow it's like a 1\2 pow board 1\2 all mountain, if your looking for a cheap powish board what about the Powder Snake?

Salomon Grip looks cool too, coming from Utah and being a freerider I'm not a big fan of twins stance or shape would rather have a more powder friendly shape and stance to keep the back leg burn down and the nose up.

Hopefully someone's that's ridden both can chime in, mine's an 2009-2010 so there's been a ton of changes but that fact that pro's are STILL riding turbodreams to me is pretty telling.

Nivek 12-18-2012 04:49 PM

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The Turbo is a more precise ride, the Grip is looser and softer. Sounds to me like you want a Turbo.

mirsat 12-19-2012 04:14 AM

Thanks hikeswithdogs and nivek!

leaning towards the TD. Just not sure which size to pick. I was thinking about the 157W, but there I'm just at the lower limit of the suggested weight range (>150lbs). The 156 or 159 would also be an option. The waist width of the 156 (247mm) is maybe too small for me (boot size US10), whereas the 159 is a little bit too long for my liking (escpecially in the trees and for backcountry kickers). So I thought the 157W would be a good compromise, with a little bit of extra float and still playful lengthwise (maybe I'm wrong). I'm guessing the TD still rides fine switch in pow, since the shape is twin with setback stance.

Another board I was initially considering was the Rome Mod Rocker. But this board is probably less powder-friendly than the Grip, right?

Thanks again!

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