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kyled 12-23-2012 03:43 PM

Un-even hot wax?
i just waxed my snowboard for the first time, brand new never summer sl, and i feel as if i almost unevenly hot waxed it? should i go over with another hot wax or will it be fine the way it is.

bseracka 12-23-2012 04:22 PM

did you fully scrape it?

kyled 12-23-2012 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by bseracka (Post 556263)
did you fully scrape it?

yeap scraped it all off, took bout 45 mins lmao and then went over it with something that's like a scotchbright

tdn 12-23-2012 05:39 PM

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Your board was even prior to waxing I assume. You then put some wax on there, scraped it off and now it's un even? If that is the case, you need to continue scraping.

edit: Technically, you could also continue polishing it until it is even. You just want to take every bit off wax off as possible to make polishing easier. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I have my own technique I use involving a few brushes as well and it's served me fantastically.

Esmi99 12-23-2012 05:43 PM

One quick tip that made all the diference for me, when you scrape it, make sure you use pulling motion with 45deg angle instead of pushing. That way you wont pull any of the wax out of the base.

readimag 12-23-2012 06:31 PM

You need to scrape some more like everyone is saying. When you hot wax the board you are opening the holes in the board so they can hold wax. Just keep scraping and scraping till it is even and then polish and brush it. Here is a good video that Snowolf made on youtube it is a three parter just skip to the end if you want.

tdn 12-23-2012 06:35 PM

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Originally Posted by Esmi99 (Post 556283)
One quick tip that made all the diference for me, when you scrape it, make sure you use pulling motion with 45deg angle instead of pushing. That way you wont pull any of the wax out of the base.

I'll have to disagree. You want to remove as much wax as possible. From my understanding, wax is absorbed into the base, anything that can be removed with a scraper does not at all affect the wax absorbed into the base. You want to remove ALL of the wax your scraper can possible remove - all of course without gauging the base.

I can't remember who says this on here, but "Scrape, and keep scraping. Then when you're done, scrape some more". To the OP, your first few times will seem daunting, but grab a beer or a joint, and get into it. You'll get much faster and efficient over time.

If anything I've said is wrong, anyone, please correct me. As I mentioned above, my technique has worked amazingly for me compared to friends and shops. So I'm pretty confident in it, but doesn't mean that there isn't a better way.

Backcountry 12-23-2012 06:38 PM

In all the "how-to" videos it says to pull instead of pushing when waxing a board. But I don't know.

tdn 12-23-2012 06:52 PM

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Ah.. that ones my fault.

Yeah, they're right, definitely use a 45 degree angle to pull with. Technically you could push with a 45 degree angle but you run the big risk of damaging the base of the board, hence removing the wax from the structure. So yeah, I kind of misread your post Esmi99, my bad.

Esmi99 12-23-2012 07:30 PM

Yeah the way i understand the mechanics of it all, when you pull, you take away a small layer at a time. And if you push, you might pull big chunks of wax, sometimes leaving the base naked including the absorbed part, especially with more brittle, lower temp waxes.

In any case, this small detail made my wax jobs way better, and it is often overlooked, especially given that pushing is a lot easier and quicker.

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