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bluebird08 12-28-2012 11:36 AM

Jones Twin Sister or Never Summer Infinity?
Hi everyone,

Looking for an all-mountain freeride board and interested in the hybrid cambers... Currently on a 151 Palmer Liberty for a few years now and love how fast, stable in the chop, and responsive it is....the bad side I feel when I do catch my edge I seem to trip up pretty badly since it is a high camber looking for something with the same stability but a little more forgiving...and floats through pow and handles well in icy conditions.

Female - 28y
5'6" - 142lb
Boots 8.5
Level: intermediate - blues,blacks...not much park yet

Never summer infinity - does this board chatter a lot in higher speeds?
Jones Twin Sister - should I be concerned about stiffness/maneuverability?

The two boards I'm looking at I won't have a chance to demo...and I'm also debating if I should go with the 149 or stick to 151/152?

If you have some other suggestions...please let me know as well.


stealthyc 12-28-2012 01:32 PM

I haven't ridden the Infinity, but the Twin Sister is an awesome ride...super smooth, damp, incredibly stable, but it's still easy to turn and just a really nice ride. There is barely any camber to it-it's pretty flat in the middle. I had no worries about catching edges while on it.

I would think the 149 would be big enough for you, especially if you are concerned about maneuverability, unless you are lucky enough to be in a lot of powder-then you'd probably prefer the extra bit of length. It's not particularly stiff, but it's definitely not a noodle. It's a great all mountain board and the mellow magnetraction definitely gives it grip on ice, without making it grabby.

The Twin Sister and Roxy Ollie Pop were my two favorite boards from last year's demos...TOTALLY different though...the Ollie Pop is a park board. It handles everything on the mountain, but is much softer and not quite as damp. The OP has rocker between the binders and camber outside which is the opposite of the Twin Sister so it's more playful, but not as smooth of a ride. I don't hang out in the park, but I tend to prefer a more playful board. For the type of riding you describe, the Twin Sister sounds like a great fit.

bluebird08 12-28-2012 02:00 PM

Thanks for your input stealthyc!! :)

Yea I wish I could demo this just sounds super awesome. I think I will stick to the 149...I could always set my bindings back a little bit in pow conditions

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