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ISTJ 12-28-2012 12:59 PM

Bataleon or Nidecker board for beginner?
Hi all, I am completely new to snowboarding and was after some advice on a good snowboard for a beginner.

Yesterday I went to a second hand shop and purchased a new (still in plastic) Bataleon enemy (2006 model). With some second hand bindings it set me back about $270. I had read rave reviews of this board, mostly due to the TBT.

However after reading some further info, I am wondering if this board would be too difficult for a beginner, due to it being too stiff? The reason why I went for this one is because I thought it would have a longer lifespan once I became more skilled. Some people have told me that it should be fine for a beginner as the TBT will compensate for the stiffness, making turns easier. Others have told me that it would be too difficult to learn on for a beginner.

I also had the option of purchasing a Nidecker Score for about $300 new with bindings from a sports store. This board also received pretty good reviews.

Now I am wondering. Should I keep the Bataleon, or try and return it and purchase the Nidecker score instead? Which is better for a beginner with a good lifespan (once more skilled), and which one is also the better buy in terms of value? Also is there much difference between the Bataleon enemy 2006 model and the latest 2013 model (about $1200)?

Triple8Sol 12-29-2012 11:40 AM

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That's a sick deal on an Enemy since that's normally like an $800 board! That said, it is a stiff freeride bombing stick, so it's definitely not something I would recommend for a beginner or even intermediate rider. The TBT is the only savior in this case, as that will still make it less catchy, although it's different profile on that board.

extra0 12-29-2012 11:51 AM

omg - the "enemy" is the stiffest board in the bataleon line....the opposite of beginner

things did change at bataleon just prior to 2012. They tweaked the tips, changed factory (still austria) and downgraded the builds just slightly. Still top notch boards, but a 2006 is going to be overbuilt to last way longer.

However, I'd either return the enemy or leave it in the wrapper and sell it to someone who can make full use of it. You should be on a bataleon "whatever" or softer

ISTJ 12-29-2012 12:16 PM

Ok well I was going to return it today but the guy said to give it a try and if it's too difficult he will give me a full refund. So I guess it's still worth a go right?

He seems to think it is still possible for a beginner to learn on, however it may just take a little longer. But if I do manage to pick it up, then I've got a great board that should last me many years as I progress to faster slopes.

I have spoken to a few others as well, and have been given mixed opinions. Some say it should be ok due to the triple layer, and also due to the fact that I "don't know any better". They say it would be harder if I had already started on a soft board then went straight to this one. On the other hand some also say it would be too difficult to learn on to start with.

So what would you guys do? Give it a go and return if it's too difficult? I guess I have nothing to lose.

mikeinaus 12-29-2012 01:01 PM

nothings impossible. i personally would never buy beginner gear in any sport i want to learn. the idea of being stuck with crap equipment when i get comfortable after a few weeks and having to drop a tun of cash on gear for a second time scares me. plus i like a challenge.

keep the board and try it out like the shop says. from the sounds of it you got an awesome deal on a great board. if your that worried about progression i would keep the new board new and grab a used beginner board off craigslist or whatever you have locally. one of the problems or benefits (depending how you look at it) with snowboarding is 2nd hand gear has almost no resale value. brand new last years models sell for around 1/2 off making used gear worth maybe 25% if its in good condition.

extra0 12-29-2012 02:03 PM

I disagree. It's in the shop's best interest for you to keep the board. You can take this as just business...or they're treating you like a kook they think will drop out the sport quickly anyhow. You won't be able to ollie that board or do any of the fun things you should be doing as a beginner. More flex also helps you ride out of botched/sketchy turns as you progress.

TBT is very beginner friendly, but bataleon doesn't sell anything that's low-end "beginner quality".

you did get an awesome deal, but you may be able to also make a profit by selling it (bataleons have a relatively good resale value...although condition is still everything).

ISTJ 12-29-2012 03:19 PM

Actually the store is very good and recommended by many local snowboarders here. Their policy is to give anyone a refund if they aren't happy with the board after trying it out.

If its too difficult ill just take it back to get a refund then buy a beginner board with more flex. So I don't have anything to lose really.

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