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WS6Dream 12-31-2012 02:03 AM

Recommended snowboard size, smaller or bigger?
I am 5'6", ~125lbs, size 9 boots, male.

Sizing chart that I found recommends a 149cm board.

Should I be dead set on finding a board between 148-150? Because I have been looking on sites to find a used one for sale and they are more scarce than say a 155cm board.

Would a 155cm board be too long for me?

I will be riding all mountain. The main reason I am asking is because I found a Burton Elite 155cm that I will buy if 155cm won't be too big. But I don't want to buy something that I will regret if the smaller size will be better.

Thanks for the input!

TopThriller 12-31-2012 02:12 AM

I ran into this problem buying my first board because I was looking on craigslist. I say it is a little too big. If you do any sort of park riding your definitely going to want a smaller board. But it kinda depends on you, if your going to hit a growth spurt soon and dont do much park, go for it. If your done growing your probably going to want something shorter. Personally, shorter boards are just more fun and easy.

WS6Dream 12-31-2012 02:18 AM

Ok thats what I thought. So would a 152 be about the max length I should look for? I'm gonna be staying 5'6", and I will be doing some park riding for sure.

I will find a board eventually, just that 155cm was so nice lol

TopThriller 12-31-2012 02:42 AM

Yeah 152 seems good for max. Just try to find a board close to 149 and your good. Good luck searching!

MikeCL 12-31-2012 02:43 AM

You are almost close to me in size, I'm 5'9" 126 Lbs and size 10.5 from all the info I got a 151 CM board would be right for me.

Optikal_Illuzion 12-31-2012 11:23 AM

I'm 5'9, 135lbs, size 10.5 (mens US) and ride a 150cm board. Most sizes are now based off of weight and foot size. Size 149cm boards were also suggested for me, I wouldn't go over 153 if I were you....(honestly I dont think 2-3 cm will make a big difference) unless you think you might get a bit heavier or if your feet are still growing.

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