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chomps1211 12-31-2012 05:12 AM

Post Demo Conclusions
Well, the demo day was not what I expected. Burton was the only manf. there with any boards and they only brought a small number of them. Turns out this was a promotion for the new outfitter stroe @ the resort & not a true "Demo Day."

I did get to ride 3 diff boards, they were;

Sherlock/Blackjack Flying V 157
Super Hero Flat Rocker
Custom Flying V

All outfitted with the new 2013 Cartels L.

I was not crazy about either of the flying V boards. Moving from my cambered Arbor Roundhouse, these boards felt very "fishy" & loose. I didn't have any problem with catching an edge on them. Even tho they had a tendency to swim around, they seemed to slide right over the cuts & ruts that would have caught the edges and dumped me on my Arbor. But just that feeling of the board swishing around some when riding straight made me nervous. I'm sure it's just a mater of not being used to it. But because I learned to ride on the Arbor, that sensation, in my mind has my body waiting for the "Catch & Dump!"

That nervousness over the looseness of the ride I think caused me to panic a few times & I ended up dumping myself once or twice!

The "Flat Rocker" Superhero on the other hand tracked straighter and felt more stable to me. I didn't experience all that "fishtaily" looseness I got on the Flying V boards. As such, I rode it with a bit more confidence and enjoyed the ride a lot more!

I did have a tendency to wash out on more than a few of my turns on all the boards. (...conditions were mixed hard pack & icy.) I assume that will require some experience with going from stiff camber which needs speed to flex & cut the line, and a much softer, flat or rocker profile which flexed maybe too much for the way I rode them.

The one thing I "Loved" about ALL three boards, was how easily they Buttered!!
I was just learning to get & hold some basic tail presses (..both reg. & switch) with my stiff assed Arbor the week prior, even managed a few front & backside pressed spins, but was it HARD! I was huffing & puffing and couldn't believe the amount of effort required to press that board!!

But those rocker boards!!! Oh man, the were sweet & easy to press!! I loved it!! Especially with the Superhero!! And since the Rome Garage rocker board I won here has the same basic "Flat Rocker" profile! I think I'm going to really enjoy getting to play with it! (...figures UPS got it to my home 8 hours after I left for this trip!) :dunno: ;)

I can't wait to get the binders on it and get out to the local this week! Thanks for reading this, any tips or insights into riding/turning this board are appreciated!

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