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Zombaco 01-04-2013 05:49 PM

Board upgrade, help narrow demo list
I'm looking to upgrade my deck from my current and first board- a 157 2007 Gnu Hampus Mosesson pro model (full camber, bought as a used demo board) that I've used the last 2 seasons. It's a good board, but really beat up. My stats: 5'11" / 180lbs / Budget: $600 I'll be pairing the board up with Rome Targas and Size 9 32 Lashed boots.

About my riding: This is my 3rd season, I ride 30+ days a season with about 90% at Mammoth in the Eastern Sierra. I would consider myself an high intermediate / low advanced rider. I'm 90% on the mtn (groomers, pow, off piste, trees, chutes, steeps, side hits, wind lips), and 10% in the park (just jump lines). I can make it down the blacks comfortably, turning without bails, and am beginning to ride the double blacks and slopes 40 degrees and up. Switch riding is still way behind- skidded turns on blues.

I did some research last season, and demoed an NS SL and Lib Attack Banana. I enjoyed riding both those boards, but want to demo a few more this season before choosing. I really digged the camber-rocker-camber profile and am looking for deck with that.

I'm looking for an all-mountain board that will primarily be great in pow, great edge hold, steeps, trees, damp enough for off piste chunder. Less important features- groomer carving, jumps, pipe (just starting to ride this season), and switch. Also want to take it on some boot pack runs later in spring. Mammoth gets variable snow through out the season- sierra cement early season (much like the pnw poo), typically lightens as the season moves along, and ends with some great corn snow late spring. It also gets very windy and you can ride bulletproof wind scoured ice sheets (hence the need for great edge hold) into a knee deep wind buff powder. So a very versatile deck, mid scale flex, and good to great dampening is what I'm aiming for.

I'm going to demo for 3 or 4 days coming up, so I'd like to get some thoughts from you guys on narrowing down my demo options. Almost everything is available to demo between a few shops in Mammoth:

NS Cobra- Definitely going to demo, a lot of reviews are pointing me to give this one a try

NS Proto- Not sure if it'll be too soft for some of my riding?

Lib Hot Knife- really interested in checking out the C3 shape

Lib TRS- magne too aggressive?

Smokin Superpark- stiff enough?

Gnu Eco Genetics- Similar profile to the Lib AB

Gnu Billy Goat- too much board?

Arbor Coda- not the hybrid shape I want, but I hear and read a lot of good things about it

Arbor Element- same as above

If there's a different manufacturer out there other than mervin, ns, and arbor and has prolific edge hold let me know as well.


TBomb 01-04-2013 07:11 PM

That's a pretty exhaustive list, the only thing I might add would be a NS Heritage if you haven't already ruled it out. The Cobra would be on my short list though if I were you :thumbsup:

NorthCoastRider 01-04-2013 08:04 PM

If I had access to demo any boards I wanted I'd be trying out a lot of different brands. Ride Berzerker, Flow Rush, Rome Agent Rocker, NS Cobra, Lib-Tech Banana Magic, Burton Easy Livin'... all manufactures claim to have good edge hold. But Mervin boards have magnetraction.

Tech420 01-04-2013 08:33 PM

I got a Lib Tech TRS for this season and absolutely love it so far. I have taken it all over the mountain(park/blacks/trees/groomers) and it flat out performs well everywhere. The edge hold is GREAT on all the nasty hard pack. You may want to add the T-Rice to your list just as a comparison. From what I have heard it is more or less a stiffer TRS which may suit your riding style better.

Zombaco 01-06-2013 12:48 PM

Thanks for the opinions. The ride berserker does seems to fit my criteria also, but haven't heard anything on how the edge hold is on ride boards. I know it sounds stupid but I'm not going to feed the Burton machine, and I've read the various reviews on their edge hold not being so great. I may be mistaken but I thought all the lib Rice boards are mid-wide, so I didn't include them. I'll have to find out for sure, or if can anyone here confirm or deny that?

So I will only demo 3 days now. First on that list is the cobra. The other 2 slots are what I'm debating now. I'm strongly leaning toward the TRS for one. Any thoughts from the community?

Tech420 01-06-2013 09:01 PM

The Rice is a mid-wide. I would highly recommend taking the TRS for a spin. It flat out performs everywhere.

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