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Avery11 01-09-2013 02:10 PM

Help me narrow this down...I will be specific. PICS added

I'm new to this forum but not to forums in general so I will try to post this in a manner that is answerable.

I have read the stickies and FAQ stuff but have not found my answer.

My son is 15 with no experience and I'm looking for a board/binding combo that will work for the following specs.

I am not brand loyal or cheap, but I think he will likely grow out of the board this year so used is better. I also have 7 year old twin boys so with 5 of us starting this year (Mom and I are active), I have to be smart. For the record we have bought 9 lessons for each of our sons to get off on the right track.

Region - New Hampshire

Height (Told this doesn't matter) - 5' 8"

Weight - 105 - starting to see my quandry??

Boot size - Burton 10

Riding Style - All mountain/free

Now I have been told to go with everything from a 140 to a 150 but most agree that he needs lg bindings.

Most of the boards on Craigslist in my area are Burton soI was looking for a Clash or Blunt but can't find anything under a 150cm.

Can anyone help me dial in the length of the board and maybe go as far as the style (rocker or camber) and the model?

I could go get a new Clash (or whatever you come up with) with the rocker but for a 1 season board, it looks like a lot of money.

As the rocker seems fairly new, it's not likely that I will find a used one. Can he ride a camber?

Okay, that didn't go as well as planned but I really have tried to do all this solo and can't find what I need.

I will rent for his lesson this SUnday but want to buy something soon. Demos are no good because he can't ride yet anyway and frankly, he probably will say they all feel the same = trust me.

Man, I know you guys are probably sick and tired of answering these same old questions year after year but I can tell you it's not in vain. Thanks to you, the sport gains new life and for the novices like me and my family, your collective knowledge is so so appreciated.

Take care and stay healthy!


Treegreen 01-09-2013 02:58 PM

105 @ 5'8"? Get that kid some weight gainer! Kidding aside, do you have an expectation that he is still growing? I'm assuming this is why you're worried about buying a board that will likely be obsolete after this season. What about rentals at the mountain or from sports stores in town? This a no go because of the relative cost?

Not sure I would go much longer than 145, but I'm sure we have some skinny kids on here that can describe what they're riding at lighter weights.

*edit* Rocker is probably easier to learn on, but I learned on a camber deck and if anything it made me a better rider. You will most definitely want an appropriately sized camber board all that being said. The last thing your son needs is a stiff camber that is too long for him.

arrrmaty 01-09-2013 03:14 PM

I would suggest a 150 to fit his feet on the board better but make sure the board has a soft flex, or else he'll have a hard time turning. For his weight you want something shorter like a 140 because it will flex easier, but he'll have crazy toe and heel drag, so a longer board will be wider and fit his feet on better. So getting him a 150 (possibly in a wide) with soft flex (like a park/street board) would be ideal. Or you could look at something like a burton Nug. It's short, but is nice and wide to fit his boots on the board with minimal drag, except it's kind of expensive. You're probably most likely to find a cheaper board that's closer to 150 that has a soft flex. That's a tough situation. Happy hunting, and good luck

Avery11 01-09-2013 04:15 PM

Great info, thank you. Let me get this straight;

If I go longer for his feet to fit, go with more flex.

If I go shorter to suit his light weight, I gan go stiffer because the shorter board will be easier to turn.

Sounds like give and take. Am I right?

As for the single year use, I really don't think he is close to topping out yet and his brothers are a long way from his hand-me-downs.

While money isn't a huge problem for me, I don't want to buy brand new just to get one year and then sell it for a huge loss. That said, I don't expect something for nothing and realize that ill-fitted, crap equipment makes learning slower.

We are a Very active family so the kiddos are all pretty athletic and coordinated. RIght now, they have martial arts, gymnastics, basketball, snowshoeing, and now snow boarding all with weekly practices - and they want to take up ice skating:blink:

Add shooting, soccer, football, kayaking, hiking, baseball, and lacrosse in the fall/spring/summer, and yyou can see why I have to somewhat watch the dollar.

We spend a ton of money on our sports.

The oldest has grown 5 inches in the last 13 months and his weight just can't keep up.

What is a good, flexible board that I can find on C list? Remember, it will likely be 4-5 years old so think back a little.

As for renting, I think it would cost more than buying and if I get Lg bindings, I can keep him in them from year to year.

I don't mind buying the bindings new.

Yep...I'm long winded but it's hard for you guys to give me advice if I don't tell you what's up heere.

Many thanks!


Lstarrasl 01-09-2013 06:41 PM

You are over thinking this.

1. Boots that fit, make sure they are tight, you don't want him sliding around when he's learning.

2. Bindings that fit the boot.

3. Helmet
22. Any freestyle board made in the last 10 years around a 150 will be fine to learn on. He's a kid and will learn fast on it.
Rocker will be easier to learn on but camber will be fine.

wrathfuldeity 01-09-2013 06:50 PM

the primary issue are boots,
the other thing is time and frequency on the hill...go as much as possible
kids can learn on any old board and bindings (as long as the boot fits in bindings)...big or small it really doesn't matter much..flex, heel/toe drag, rocker/camber is not going to be an issue at a beginner or even at an intermediate level. All that stuff starts to matter at an advanced intermediate level and really at the advanced and into expert level is when seek out the performance/design aspect of things.
...its not the board...its their determination, athletic ability and time on the hill and the FUN factor
I've taken literally hundreds of kids to the hill over the past 5-6 years as a ski bus chaperone.

Lamps 01-09-2013 08:17 PM


Originally Posted by Lstarrasl (Post 563933)
You are over thinking this.

1. Boots that fit, make sure they are tight, you don't want him sliding around when he's learning.

2. Bindings that fit the boot.

3. Helmet
22. Any freestyle board made in the last 10 years around a 150 will be fine to learn on. He's a kid and will learn fast on it.
Rocker will be easier to learn on but camber will be fine.

Yuk yuk. We should sticky this post.

Avery11 01-09-2013 08:28 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Well, it looks like I found one. 2008 Burton Clash 150 with Custom bindings sz Lg.

Described as mint. "Will not find a nicer used board"

Seller seems firm at $300. Should I take it or keep looking?

Lstarrasl 01-09-2013 09:10 PM

$300 for a 2008?

way too much

Lstarrasl 01-09-2013 09:21 PM

Check Ebay. I'm sure you can find a 2012 or 13 for a hundred more.

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