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Kieran 07-17-2007 05:55 PM

Big foot needs help!
Well this is my first post on this forum, dont know much about the forum-usuals but i hope u guys can help me out.

Been snowboarding a few times and i like it more than skating which i have done about 6 years on and off.

I feel im ready to get my own board...

Anyways the problem is this:

Today i measured my boots and they are 34cm [13.4 in]

I have been looking at different specs of "wide" boards and my boots are still about 4 cm bigger than most nose/tail widths on boards i have been looking at.

Is 4cm really a big deal?? I borrowed a board off a friend who had tiny feet once, and it was quite a nightmare.

Anyways please giv me some ideas on what i should be looking for :) :)

Thanks a mil


Snowjoe 07-17-2007 06:11 PM

Well a wide board is as wide as they get so that it lol.

But also remember that youll be riding (im guessing) with both feet at an angle, which reduces the overhang you get, if you wanna reduce it more you can always duck your feet more.

For example on my wide board I ride with my angles at +15 -15 but on my park board which is thinner +21 -21

Kieran 07-17-2007 06:14 PM

oh yeah, i forgot about the angles :rolleyes:

ok well i think thats cleared it up i guess. im sure a cm or 2 wont bother me.

or maybe i cud use an axe and chop my toes off :dunno:

hehehe well i think my mind is clear now :)

Thanks alot Snowjoe hehe

Snowjoe 07-17-2007 06:22 PM

Yeah I mean having big feet means you get some overhang, even with the angles you will have a bit but it wont make any difference as long as you arent looking at like an inch over the edge or anything.

Kieran 07-17-2007 06:26 PM

another question that just came to mind:

if im buying my first board do you think its better to buy it at a shop so i can actually see the thing or buy it online??

I only ordered a skateboard from the internet once because even tho it was a pro board it had a sh*t concave so since then i always bought them from shops so i could check out their shape first-hand. It is the same with snowboards??


Snowjoe 07-17-2007 06:44 PM

Internets great so long as you know exactly what you want when you order. In your case I'd definatly recommend going to a shop and just having a chat with the people there about it.

Flick Montana 07-17-2007 07:44 PM

Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by overhang? You do actually want your toe and heel to hang over the board by about 1/4 to 1/2 inch each. If you don't have some overhang, you'll have a dandy of a time with handling. A wide board should be plenty big enough to fit pretty much even the biggest feet.

Also, the internet is awesome for BUYING a board, but lousy for shopping for one. If you can try one out at a shop THEN buy it online, you'll have a lot more luck finding what suits you.

Kieran 07-17-2007 07:47 PM

problem is, there is no shops which sell good boards around, only 3 hours away :P

+ these shops only open in winter.

So i will most probably end up buying one up there when the season starts.

Flick Montana 07-17-2007 07:49 PM

Some shops let you try out boards. They let you use loaners for a season. It's a nice way to check something out if you're in a transition period between boards.

If you don't have the option, you can always go with the no brainers. There are some boards that are always good choices. Usually cost more, though.

NJ SHREDDER 28 07-17-2007 08:25 PM

I dont understand your length to American boot size conversion, so I cant help you to much. However, if you need a true wide board and are at entry level in snowboaring and want a board that you can progess on, look into a Burton King

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