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Originally Posted by dreampow View Post
Buying or not buying boards because of popularity or market share or popularity on this forum doesn't make any sense to me.

Does the board suit your riding style and help you enjoy snowboarding?

Buy a board based on as many reviews and opinions you can get or better still a demo.

I have ridden most of the major brands and tried an NS for the first time last year.

I personally have found the board (proto CT) to be excellent and suit my needs very well. I have had plenty of knocks from other riders and rocks etc and the durability is top notch.

I would love to try out an arbor coda and nitro team gullwing and may get the chance this year.
Love the Coda. Arbor stuff is fun, just not durable as the NS's are.

One day rode the Cobra at Crystal Mountain. Fast, fast fast (for me). Surprisingly still pretty flexible. But Damp.

Next day at Stevens Pass (snow was a little softer that day, inversion etc., it was a lot colder at Crystal) rode the Westmark. Whoa what a difference. Much less stable, but more playful, and much more forgiving. My legs were pretty tired the second day (due to some shenanigans at crystal) so I was a little sloppy, riding around with the wife and others. No problem.

The Cobra, with the stock sharp 0/0 edges and camber sections, if I even thought about getting sloppy it was twitch, reminding me to stay focused. Tired? Fuck you pay me (Goodfellas!). Lazy? Fuck you pay me.

You really gotta be on your game with the Cobra on firm conditions.
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I would say the proto does very well in powder and I only set it back if its very deep like more than 50cm. It is certainly as good as an SL if you set it back and even if you don't its a small difference.

Here is my review of the proto where I talk more about powder performance at the bottom.
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I'll chime in I guess.

I don't have ANY experience with other boards besides Never Summer and my first board, a price point Lamar I got for $88 at Dick's so my perspective is that of the new guy trying to progress and get into this while also having decent expendable income.

Maybe because of the forum or my relationship with some of the guys here but it seemed like it was really easy to dial in what NS board suited my needs based on the way they market their lineup. NS does a great job of "If you like to ride like this, then X is the board for that." Especially for people like me that knew what I wanted to ride like but didn't have access to demo a bunch of stuff.

I liked the small niche'ness of NS. I liked what I knew about the company. Like the post a while back, maybe it was the serendipity of their marketing strategy and me falling into the perfect demographic. In a market full of very similar options, these things helped justify one company over another for me. Is that good or bad, I don't know and kinda don't care.

What does matter is that in the end, I love my board and have been so happy with my purchase and support of NS. It's fun to ride.

It's helped me progress. How? Because I still have nasty habits and occasionally I should catch the hell out of an edge and bust my face but it doesn't happen. The RC profile helps keep me upright when I know I should have been toast and that confidence in my board helped me to push myself.

(Having said that, I will be taking lessons next season to clean up my faults and bad habits)

Is it all psychology? All I know is that it works and I'm happy.

oh and since we're talking about it...

I did something funky to my board when I busted my back. I just discovered it last night. I sent an email to NS this evening and within an hour I had a personal phone call from Never Summer and an RA to get my board sent to them as soon as I can get it boxed up.

No idea what they'll do once they receive it, whether it's covered by the 3 year warranty or not but the fast response? That is seriously killer customer service.

'12 NS Legacy 163
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Originally Posted by dreampow View Post
I would say the proto does very well in powder and I only set it back if its very deep like more than 50cm. It is certainly as good as an SL if you set it back and even if you don't its a small difference.

Here is my review of the proto where I talk more about powder performance at the bottom.
Awesome, I got all the info I needed out of that(and a little jealousy of all the powder you get to ride). Thanks!!
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Originally Posted by Extremo View Post
Ah the good ol days. El Snowboardo shitting all over the big b...just cuz.
How many people here know what you mean by that? I miss the old days

I bought my NS based on the reviews/hype on this forum and it works well for me. I remember how hard I was looking for an Omatic back in the day though.
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Originally Posted by silverwhale View Post
What other women's boards did you demo? (I'm just curious, got a new board this year and couldn't actually go anywhere to demo. Wish I could have! Although I really like the board I got so far. But I like reading direct comparison reviews of the boards I was considering).
Unfortunately, there weren't many women's boards for me to demo. I'm 5,10, 150 lbs, size 9 boot. Most of the women's demo boards were just way too short for 149s and stuff. So, the majority of the boards I rode were men's. For women's boards, I have ridden the K2 Eco Lite, Solomon Gypsy, GNu Bpro, a rental of some kind (don't remember what one, cuz I was just trying to get a feel for the straight up rocker and I didn't like it), and the NS Infinity.
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I have never ridden a NS board I have a feeling I will in the future. I really like that on their website there are certain reviews that link back to this forum. Not all the reviews are completely positive but they are honest. I like that honesty.

Most of the time from companies all you get is marketing hype but I think NS really just wants to get better and better at making boards. That said, I wish they would hire some different artists.....
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Originally Posted by Extremo View Post
Of all boards and brands you get 3 boards from a completely unheard of and obscure start up company in the BEST boards list...BEST? And you just happen to ride with Corbo who just signed with them, and you have their ad on your website? Let's just assume that's not complete buulllshiiit.

All I'm saying is you like a brand, you're hyping them. Others on this forum like product, and they're hyping it.

But the fact that you got all ape shit neurotic over just the possible insinuation makes you look like a shit for brains sell out. But If Cro says they're good, his words good enough for me.
Neurotic please I love baiting your ass and watching you flip out because you have no proof in anything you say. Do some research on why Corbo is riding for Echelon now, might blow your mind. Still not sure how me going "hey talk to this brand they're looking for riders" even remotely benefits me.

Originally Posted by Extremo View Post
It's cute that you come to your boyfriends defense. I don't know what you're getting so fucking vagina over. All I'm pointing out is BA is hyping a brand that he's personally benefiting from, the same way you're insinuating others on this forum are hyping a brand they're personally benefiting from. You're suggesting the reviews are biased, anyone else could insinuate the same about BA (not me, I know he's fucking biased). Do you not get the concept? Is there an intelligence gap here?
Yeah cause an ad that went up middle of this month nearly 6 months after I finished all product reviews means I'm bought off. Fuck where's the Wi-Me award? Hmm. Oh shit better get on top of that now.

Originally Posted by Extremo View Post
BA was big on it because he's a Breck local and TR fanboy. If that shit was Burton he would have shit all over it. Ah the good ol days. El Snowboardo shitting all over the big b...just cuz.
Yeah cause TR still lives here full time or even owns a house here. Couldn't be that Jason Kanes is an amazing board designer that has built countless decks I've liked riding.

Oh Extremo you fucking troglodyte. You're such a fun target to pick on and watch get bent out of shape. I could have a Burton ad on the site and you would say the same thing. Your small minded nature is hilarious and the fact that stuff I did a decade ago still has you upset shows how pathetic you are.

I must be doing something right if what I do so adversely effects you. Keep up the Internet hate people like you have helped create and sustain my career.

Angry Snowboarder Because someone has to call it how they see it!
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Originally Posted by sabatoa View Post

I did something funky to my board when I busted my back. I just discovered it last night. I sent an email to NS this evening and within an hour I had a personal phone call from Never Summer and an RA to get my board sent to them as soon as I can get it boxed up.

No idea what they'll do once they receive it, whether it's covered by the 3 year warranty or not but the fast response? That is seriously killer customer service.
Wow, that seems the incredible compared to what my view of the company was. Hopefully they can continue to keep that level of service with everyone.

Before I went up to demo the boards, I was emailing them to get prices of boards. It always took days before I would get a response.
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For full disclosure.

Then there is always this


Originally Posted by Vman View Post
For 2013 Never Summer Industries has selected an elite design group from outside our organization. The mission of the team is to provide honest, detailed and comprehensive reviews on our 2013/14 snowboard models. To answer questions in a tactful and respectful way about the how the tech/design influence the boards performance, compare and contrast models to help people determine which board is right for them when they're considering our brand. An emphasis of the group is to help us with the design and development of new product, improve existing models and determine what riders are looking for from us.

Team Roster/Bio:

Scott a.k.a Snowolf: Pack Leader, Vancouver, WA
Scott has helped countless people further their snowboarding experience with his incredible passion and knowledge. From years as an AASI certified snowboard instructor at Mt. Hood Meadows, administrator of, to forming his own backcountry guide service, backcountry splitboarding in Alaska or guiding groups to the summit Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens for classic descents. With a focus on big mountain and freeride snowboarding, Snowolf was instrumental on development of the Cobra with us and is a natural choice for the Prospector Split.

Leo a.k.a Leo: Team Captain, Sterling Heights, MI.
You all know him and love him it’s Leo! With over 5,000 posts Leo is a fixture of and mid-west snowboarding. Personally selected as one of Never Summer’s original on-line design team members by owner Tracey Canaday, Leo has been a part of the progression and development of our Park Series boards and the all mountain Proto. You’ll find Leo ripping everything, everywhere on our boards (in addition to a plethora of other brands), jibbing and bonkin, stylie methods to mobbing groomers and slashin around the woods. Whether it’s waist deep pow or bullet proof hardpack. Leo just rides.

Kelly a.k.a. Shredler: Whitefish, MT
Born and raised in the shadow of Mt. Hood it was easy for Kelly to gravitate toward snowsports. An AASI level 3 certified instructor she spent years teaching on her home mountain, a stint in Steamboat, before recently relocating in Whitefish, MT. She is currently the training director for the NW division, focusing on youth freestyle and women's clinics. Shredler’s riding style can be described as true all mountain, shredding steep and deep trees or hiking a feature in the park with a big smile on her face. With a playful element to it constantly zig zagging around the hill looking for something to jib or pop off of. Kelly is also an experienced backcountry ripper and is the logical choice to have on our women`s specific Raven split.

Wil a.k.a. Bear5001: Hood River, OR
Wil’s roots lie in Snoqualmie Pass where he started snowboarding at an early age. It was his families move to Big Sky, Montana where he developed a love for Big Mountain lines. Steeper the better! Bear5001 loves narrow chutes and tight trees are also right up there. However riding almost every day has made him appreciate every type of snowboarding and rides whatever is best that day. If you’re up in the PNW look for Wil on EDZ's and the arm at Baker or the King/Queen/Throne at Crystal. A current Level 3 instructor and training director for AASI-NW at Mt. Hood Meadows, Wil consistently rides over 100 days a year. Wil is the definition of all mountain rider; whether it`s a backside 7 in the park or charging a 50 degree chute on Mt. Baker, Wil not only rides it all, but expertly teaches others to do it as well.

Jason a.k.a. NWBoarder: Port Orchard, WA
Jason’s riding experience began in 1997, going through many different brands and models in the process. Last season was his first as an instructor for a private snowboard school. He did 4 on snow clinics and then taught a 6 week course and LOVED it! He’ll be teaching the course again this season. NWBoarder loves steep technical riding, but can blast a groomer with the best of them when necessary. Not a big time park guy, preferring to freestyle on natural terrain. Jason is also venturing into splitboarding the Washington Cascades. Jason, being fun, friendly and outgoing, epitomizes the essence of snowboarding.

Rob a.k.a. Mysticfalcon: Newport, VT
Mysticfalcon has ridden all over the Northeast but most of his time is spent in the trees at Jay Peak, Vt., looking for small cliffs to drop or logs to jib. Rob knows the area so well that he is the guide for the east coast meet and Lyndon State College Ski & Ride Club. Where he is going to school to become a teacher so he can mold minds on more than just shredding.

Patrick a.k.a. Triple8sol: Sammamish, WA
Riding a wide array of Never Summer boards past and present, Patrick is the perfect person to give recommendations and comparisons on our models. He prefers steep, technical lines in the sidecountry but does a lap in the park here and there. Patrick is a well rounded rider who can ride anything in any condition with ease. He is very familiar with the pacific northwest from Mt. Bachelor to Mt. Baker.

Elias a.k.a. wassupeli: Anchorage, AK
A Yupik Eskimo Elias is at home in his native Alaska, especially on Alyeska Resort, where he’s an AASI Level 3 and the snowboard supervisor/lead trainer. Wassupeli rides everything…… Steep and deep AK blower to pipe/park and even races in the town league series. Elias is also an experienced Alaska backcountry rider with many descents in the Turnagain Pass area of the Chugach Range as well as Hatcher Pass in the Talkeetna Range. Elias came highly recommended by the director of Alyeska`s Mountain Leraning Center.

Max a.k.a. Dreampow: Kyoto, Japan
Living in Japan for the last 11 years, Max is a freelance translator and interpreter. This season he’ll be professionally guiding groups in the Nozawa onsen backcountry with an ex Japanese pro and a current coach. Max rides pow and lots of it! He does mix it up with some groomed runs and a few passes though the park, hitting mostly boxes and a very occasional rail with some board slides. Look for his photos, videos and reviews in places and pow most of us can only dream of.

Chris a.k.a. Extremo: Franklin, NH
Snowboarding it’s Extreme-o is an expert park rider on the east coast. A freestyle machine killin the parks at his home mountains of Gunstock and Waterville, NH. Chris also has some rails and boxes set up at home, so his time off the mountain is spent jibbing with friends. He’ll be testing and giving us feedback non-stop to constantly improve and progress our Park Series. Chris (Extremo) has been a icon member of and has been a source of great advice and encouragement in the coaching section when it comes to park riding. Chris` extensive experience with various brands of boards and bindings makes him a great choice to review and compare product.

Gary a.k.a. Killclimbz: Aurora, CO
Gary is a fixture in Colorado backcountry snowboarding, from his commitment and work with Friends of Berthoud Pass (FOBP) a grassroots collective of backcountry enthusiasts committed to preserving the legacy of public recreation at Berthoud Pass through safety, access and education. 90 % of Gary’s snowboarding is logged in the backcountry and he has been a mentor to many riders. Killclimbz has ridden our boards for years and is a driving force in the direction of our production splitboards. With our high peaks and long season Killclimbz is going to get plenty of time on our new Prospector Split.

Mark a.k.a. Marxkarkis: Revelstoke, British Columbia
Marxkarkis’s playground lies just off the famed powder highway and Rogers Pass. You’ll find Mark in this promised land giving Hi 5’s all around on those numerous powderiffic days. Having access to some of the most incredible terrain in the world allow Mark to really put a splitboard to the test on both ascent and descent. Mark tested the first prototype SL Split and you’ll find many of the tech features in our Prospector Split the direct result from his input. A powerful freerider he also loves shredding his Raptor in some of the most gnarly sidecountry at Kicking Horse. Heavily involved in the Canuck Splitboard Festival, Mark has helped raise thousands of dollars for the Canadian Avalanche Foundation and the Craig Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Peter a.k.a. fatbob: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Through his work as a moderator and reviewer on the UK snowboard forum goneboarding Never Summer 2013 Board Review | GONEboarding , producing videos on his fatbobfilms FATBOBfilms, and has had articles published on the online snowboard journal Snowpshere and a ‘Last Lift’ article published in December 2007’s issue of Whitelines. Peter continually shows his dedication to snowboarding. Not just confined to video producing, he is a qualified Level 2 Instructor with the British Association of Snowboard Instructors. He also teaches part time at the Snowdome . With a quick trip across the channel he is epic Alps local’s like Champéry, Switzerland, testing and analyzing snowboard equipment. Outside of snowboarding Peter is recently retired semi pro footballer took up the challenge of cycling a London to Paris ride in July 2012 on behalf of Christian Aid. The urge to give back to less fortunate apparently runs deep in Nottingham.

Vince Sanders-Product Development
Never Summer Industries

I am a Vermonter living in California showing the locals how to keep it real!
Originally Posted by NY Times
In Vermont authenticity is all, they do not try to keep it real, they are real.

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