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Offshoretiggar 02-05-2013 03:48 PM

Time to trade in the Ride Timeless?
Hey folks, please excuse my poor terminology and hopefully one of you knowledgeable folks can help.

I've been boarding for the past 15 years on and off, for the past 7 (more consistently) on a ride timeless 55 (Circa 2003) with flow flite 3 bindings. I got the board 2nd hand in 2005ish. I had no idea about types of boards when I got it, but do enjoy riding it. I'd peg myself as a well contented intermediate. I can get down most things (reds and blacks) but I'm a lazy bugger and usual stick to the main slopes and a wee bit of powder. I like long red and blue runs (my favourite is a 14km run at Bramberg an Wilkogel). I've no interest in fun parks/jumps and rarely ride fakie (always goofy footed).

I'm 5ft 8in, 92.5kg and size 8uk boot. So average height but stocky. Ride daffish +15deg and -8deg.

I'm thinking of getting a new board. I like the recycling idea so will probably look at ebay, but for the right price may purchase a new board (I don't mind one a few seasons old).

Any ideas on the following:
Should I try a longer board 160cm? or just stick with the 155cm? board calcs point to larger boards
Best to stick with an all mountain or try a free-ride? I think my timeless is classed as an all mountain.
Should I consider something less stiff, I've noticed it's a bugger to turn when the slopes are compacted/icy, i'd imagine a more flexible board would help?
Also is the done thing to have flow bindings with a stiff board.
And probably a stupid question? I'm interested in trying out my lead foot in a burton mission and back in the flow (mix the two bindings but have the benefits of both). Has anyone tried this? I fancy relative stiffness/fixity and feel would be the main issue.

Any advice would be grateful.


Basti 02-06-2013 03:39 AM

Welcome to the forums.

First of all, I wouldn't mix bindings, ever. There are so many out there, you can certainly find something suitable for you.

As for boards, a directional all mountain/freeride board would be your best bet. In your case I'd rather go stiffer than softer. Stiffer boards are more stable. You should also think about the camber profile. In your case I'd say camber or hybrid camber. Your Ride is most certainly a camber board (in case you don't know about the camber options, check this:

Also, go longer. I'm 10 KGs lighter than you and I ride a 159. Try out something in the 160-163 range. It will give you more control and since you're not spinning you don't need anything shorter.

My suggestions: Lib Tech Jamie Lynn or Lando, Burton Custom X, Arbor Element CX, Never Summer SL or Heritage, Ride Berserker. Search for reviews on those boards on the web or here in on the forums to get an overview. You can get most of these boards from last season, still new and unused for a very decent price. Better option than eBay in my opinion.


Offshoretiggar 02-06-2013 05:47 AM

Basti, many thanks for the reply. The advise is exactly what I was after.


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