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CLD4life 07-28-2008 07:12 PM

ive been snowboarding a couple times and i have decided i am going to buy one. i want to know what a good board for me to get will be. i want a freestyle board because i like to do ramps and stuff. thanks for the help

killclimbz 07-28-2008 07:24 PM

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Ramps and stuff? Are you sure you shouldn't be asking this at You've been only a couple of times and now want a park board? Maybe an intermediate board would be better served. Learn the fundamentals then get into park. Just my $.02.

CLD4life 07-28-2008 07:25 PM

i want one thats good for riding but i could also take in parks

BurtonAvenger 07-28-2008 07:28 PM

Get a lesson on how to ride then consider going in the park. People like you get paralyzed because you don't know how to ride and go in their. True story, see it happen often all the time, then I tell the story at parties. We laugh at you, meanwhile you can't walk. I'm going to hell.

CLD4life 07-28-2008 08:09 PM

thanks for the help guys, but whats a good board for me to get?

CLD4life 07-29-2008 09:11 AM

i found a used burton rippey for $250 w/ bindings is that a good deal and is it an intermediate board?

killclimbz 07-29-2008 09:16 AM

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Old, and probably not what you want as it was a pro model that is not made anymore. More of a collectors item...

BurtonAvenger 07-29-2008 10:33 AM

They should pay you 250 bucks to ride that. Rippey hasn't had a pro model in 10 years.

T.J. 07-29-2008 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger (Post 60130)
They should pay you 250 bucks to ride that. Rippey hasn't had a pro model in 10 years.

haha. i remember the rippey pro models tho. they were cool as shit. i would definitely hang one on my wall but wouldnt pay anywhere newar $250 for it.

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