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destroy 02-09-2013 09:40 PM

Should I regret buying this Banana Magic?
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So, this afternoon I just pulled the trigger and picked up a 158w Lib Banana Magic for about as cheap as you'll ever see one at retail around here. I normally ride a 162w Gnu Carbon Credit that I've had for a few weeks, and early this season when I started I rode a 2007 162w Gnu 11up (a little stiffer, twin freestyle/all mountain with trad camber).

I'm at the mountain right now and I've taken a few runs on the Banana Magic and I'm a little worried I bought the thing too short. I'm 6'3" 215~ lbs or so, give or take 5-10 lbs depending on the week and wear a size 13 Burton Ambush (shrinkage tech). I feel like this thing is a bit more skiddish and less stable riding around, especially through the chop and across the rough. I know the board is a little stiffer than the CC but it's about the same as the 11up. It doesn't seem to roll between edges as easy and feel as easy to move as the CC.

I read tons of reviews and info on this thing and bought the 158w based on comments that they ride long for their size. It just doesn't seem to be quite what I expected. It's been a LONG, ROUGH week at work and I don't have a lot of legs (or back... *reaches around back OW*) left right now but I hope I won't regret this when I get some more energy and time on it. Talk me down from the ledge guys!

Mjigga99 02-09-2013 10:21 PM

I went from a 162w trad camber to a 159w CC because I wanted a playful board without sacrificing too much control. Are you taking that board to the park?

BigmountainVMD 02-09-2013 10:27 PM

I'm 6'3" and 200. I would use that board for specific conditions, like when there is some decent snow but not like a crazy powder day. I would want a longer board for serious powder, but I've seen someone close to my size carve some nice lines on a B Magic (158W) that were as good if not better than I could on my 161.5 T.Rice.

I think it will just take some getting used to. That board can still hold a damn good edge.

destroy 02-09-2013 10:43 PM

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I'm not a park guy. Just not there yet. I'm sure I will be soon but right now I just freeride and do an all mountain kinda thing. I figure the CC will be a good park board when I do get into it. I ride everything in the course of a day (greens to blacks, stay away from the real technical stuff and moguls usually) and mostly just ride around carving when I can and popping ollies off of kickers, rollers and the rest. Gonna work on learning some spins soon, just been working way too much (close to 60 hrs/6 days a week) and snowboarding way too little so far in 2013!

I set it up as wide as it would go figuring it would be narrower than the CC even though I know it has a wider than usual spacing. Took one run on it moved in one insert on each foot - much better. Thinking I might have to go in even further, maybe even narrower on the front than the back. Snow is choppy and tracked right now but there's some fresh around, certainly better than last weekend.

MJP 02-10-2013 02:30 AM

Wouldn't use it in deep powder, but it will float well. All around groomers and light pow, keep it! I have a 157, weight 165-170, and at times wish I'd have gotten the 154. They ride much longer and looser than what you're probably used to (if you've never rode a skate or magic before). Keep it man, once you get used to the playfulness, you'll love it!

destroy 02-10-2013 10:12 PM

Should I regret buying this Banana Magic?
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So I went out again on this thing and have been ripping all day. Took no time at all to warm up and get in the groove. Rode everything on the mountain today. Gave a first real try at the park and it was good. Hit some rollers and launched the biggest airs I've ever done by far, along with a couple of boxes. Liking the board a lot now but it indeed isn't as forgiving and easy to ride as the Carbon Credit. It feels like my weight is pushed further forward, but it probably forces me to be a better rider and use a more proper technique with more turn initiation from the front foot.

Only problem is this happened...

Attachment 13690

Attachment 13698

Arg! Must'a hit some small little saplings or partially buried branches or something! Either that or something in the tracks coming off the chair. Most shredders would just say "Just wax and ride it brahh!!" but what should I do to repair it? It's not too deep but I've never got anything but surface scratches in my other boards. The first scratch on anything shiny is always the hardest to let go...

RJRJRJ 02-10-2013 11:38 PM

just buy a stick of black ptex and fill it in. Its as easy as waxing.

BigmountainVMD 02-11-2013 08:24 AM

I'd cut the little hangnail pieces off with a razor, and just wax it. P-tex doesn't like to stick unless it is a deep shot to the core. If you do use P-tex, make sure it is super smooth cause if there is a rough edge that doesn't match up with your base it will get pulled right out.

scottb7 02-11-2013 12:28 PM

i would just wax and ride it...

destroy 02-18-2013 12:02 PM

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I cut off the little hangnails and rode it. Doesn't look nearly as bad and it's only noticeable on close inspection.

Rode it on the weekend. Went just fine. Sank a little more than I might like in powder but it was great. It didn't really fall short at anything. I tried riding the CC cuz we were riding about a foot of fresh in some wide open spots and some off-piste steeps. The CC was a lot sloppier and less confidence inspiring compared to the Magic. Kinda think I might enjoy it even more in a 162w but it's still a great board for me.

Love it, don't regret it at all. Definitely my best board.

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