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timmytard 02-18-2013 03:20 PM

Anyone ever tried a Original Sin/Dynastar 3800?
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I just picked one up.

It's a heavily set back powder board, something like 9-12 inches:eek:
With a real soft nose & a stiff, chopped, tapered tail that has a bit of the fish thing goin' on.

It might be a bit big for me @ 169cm, it felt a bit big until I got the stance dialed in.

Took it in some deep(1-2 feet), but heavy snow
@ first I mounted the binders in the center holes.
Figured with it being so big & me being so svelte from all the ridin' that that would be fine?

That's what you'd think?
Ah, not so much.:thumbsdown:

The tail kept hookin' in the snow & I actually tweaked my back a bit fightin' it:thumbsdown:

From what I'd read, they like to be ridden in the back seat(insert dirty whore joke)

So I slammed the binders all the way to the back.

Boom. Instant powder slaying monster.

You wouldn't believe how nimble this thing is:ohmy:
It's super quick & slashy in the deep:thumbsup: Not what I was expecting:huh:

On chopped up shit it held an edge almost as good as the Palmer Titanium Channel & that thing is in a world of it's own.

With a nose longer than 2 feet & a tail shorter than 1 foot, I could ride it switch in the powder. Don't ask me how?

With a lot of wind & falling snow, there were quite a few wind lips & dips out there.
Combine that with heavy snow & a lot of fog. Everywhere you looked you could see people flyin' over the handle bars.:dizzy:

This thing goes up & over everything in its path.
You can try & dive bomb the nose under, but it just shoots out:thumbsup:

If you ever see one of these, grab it.
There isn't a whole lot of them left out there.
I believe it's about 10 years old:dunno:

My 2 favorite boards right now are this Dynastar 3800 & the Palm.
Both of them are roughly 10 years old.

Beating out the new 2011 Heritage & the Skate Banana.

So don't get conned by all the bullshit that a snowboard has to be new within last few years.
Total fuckin' bullshit.

As long as it's not beat to shit, or shit to begin with, it should ride just like it did when it was new.

Oh, & it changes colors:blink:


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