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addidas96543 08-29-2008 02:53 AM

board brand performance?
ok i am now riding a burton dominant which is my first decent board by the way. and i have heard so many great snowboarders on the mountain just trash talk on how burton is waaay overrated. so i am looking to get very serious in this with freestyle i already have 3 inverts nailed and workin on my 5's so if u are experienced and have advice on a decent setup that will give the best performance at less than a ridiculous price please lemme know.....also i will post the setup i am currently riding:
Burton Dominant
Ride SPI bindings
Rome Libertine bindings
ya im a whiskeymilitia shopper

T.J. 08-29-2008 07:21 AM

why do you care what people say? if your board is working for you then fuck em

Dcp584 08-29-2008 07:35 AM

If you already have inverted 3's down do you really need our advise on a setup? If you are that far along then I would think you would know what works for you.

Simply^Ride 08-29-2008 09:56 AM

Damn,... I don't even have a single invert in my list.

Just use what ever you think will work for you, go demo some boards and see how you like them.

Also go on the review section and read the board reviews by BurtonAvenger a lot of great stuff there.

BurtonAvenger 08-29-2008 11:58 AM

Who cares what we think I think everyone is a gaper and fails at life but doesn't mean you should take that to heart.

addidas96543 08-29-2008 06:25 PM

to reply to dcp584's ive only been snowboarding on a once on a 2 week trip to bloc mountain in california so im basically new to the sport experience wise....but im a wakeboarder everyday where i live so i was basically jumpin right into the sport via freestyle moves im just a total idiot on equipment,board maintinence, and other basic knowledge like i was just wonderin what other boards are like compared to the burton dominant cause thats the only board ive ever used....ever

addidas96543 08-29-2008 06:36 PM

also if it would boost my performance at all?

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