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nmk 02-22-2013 02:24 AM

Is the Never Summer the board for me?
Hi riders, need your advice.

Current rides:
Burton 2010 X8 @ 151, main ride
Burton 2010 SuperModelX @ 156, crud days
Burton SLX boots, 10.5
Burton CO2 binding. Just bought the Diode but did not try it out yet.

Advanced free rider
Prefers off-piste when possible
Will do jumps when in mood
Can't ride switch even if my life was depended on it.
Live in Europe and ride mostly in Austria, conditions are iffy. Hard pack & ice are norm.

I love the X8, though it is a freestyle board, it still handles all mountain just fine and a lot of fun to goof around on. Just finished one glorious week near Ischgl, pow everywhere. Exceptional year! For me the X8 can do it all except it gets a bit wild on ice and hard pack and forget about carving, washout left and right....

I am considering to replace the SMX camber board with a RC so it will overlap a bit with the X8 but still have great edge hold, carve, pow and a bit of fun. The SMX is a great board on crud days but nothing to goof around on and I like something a bit faster edge to edge.

Is the NS SL the right board to replace the SMX? If so, what size? I know it is softer than the SMX but I hope it is not as soft as the Custom. I have been riding Burtons, except one Atomic years ago.... Maybe time to try NS?

I will be in SLC next month (praying for pow) and maybe still can get one....?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Basti 02-22-2013 02:34 AM

The Heritage would be a better fit for you than the SL. It's more of a freeride board. Not too stiff and plenty damp to charge.

nmk 02-22-2013 02:38 AM

Thanks, thought about the Heritage, but how is it edge to edge and turnability? The GoodRide reviewed it as not so easy turning? I was looking for something a bit more playful than my SuperModelX.

Basti 02-22-2013 02:47 AM

Please don't read too much into the Goodride reviews. Their site looks nice but their competence regarding reviews is questionable ;)

I used to own a Heritage and for a freeride board it is definitely playful enough and I had no problems edge to edge, not even on the wide version. It is really damp which prevents it from being super playful but I think it fits your needs very well. You can even butter that board a bit but its strongest point is speed in my opinion. Also handled well in Pow.

nmk 02-22-2013 03:23 AM

Yeah, I kind of question the good ride reviews... can they possibly ride each board or more likely they go by the spec and give it a rating... ?

Thanks for the advise, I need a board to overlap the X8 a bit but not to the point of no edge hold and can't carve but not as stiff as the T6 or CustomX. Something a bit more playful than the SMX, can carve, can do POW, with pop.

NS website has the flex at 5.5 and the SL at 5.0 so I guess it isn't like a plank. Time to either pick one up here in EU or hope for a good sale at SLC....

What length do you recommend? 153? 155? I used to have the 159 T6 & 158 CustomX. Great for straights but a lot of wood to throw around.

Basti 02-22-2013 03:31 AM

Finding a Heritage on sale could be very difficult. Better buy it here in EU.

As for board size: What's your weight?

nmk 02-22-2013 03:57 AM

5'9" @ 160 lbs
175cm @ 72 kg

Duck +18 / -8
Alpine +25 / +5

Called the UK importer, No Heritage to be found in Benelux. Maybe only the 158 which I think might be long for me.

He told me to try the Cobra.
Any advices on the Cobra??

hktrdr 02-22-2013 04:11 AM

Agree that the Heritage would be the best match in the NS line for the OP. Ideal size probably 155, but 158 not out of the question - but will be a lot more bomber and less playful.

Cobra could work as well. Softer flex than the Heritage (nominally the same as the SL, but in reality probably a bit stiffer), so less bomber/more playful. Also slightly better in heavy pow (not much difference in the dry, fluffy stuff like we have in Japan).
Sizing probably the same as the Heritage, but 158 would be a lot more manageable than for the Heritage.

For serious pow riding would probably have to be 158 for either board: I am 68kg/150lbs and occasionally struggle with the 155 Cobra where I am - really should be on the 158.

nmk 02-22-2013 04:45 AM

Thanks for the suggestions.

I used to like long boards but maybe old age, maybe the 151 X8 performs so well, I am thinking about going shorter all the time....

I suppose the 153 will be more fun than 155 but I think the 155 should do better at speed. Less chatter I hope. I had a 154 Custom before, loved the edge to edge, felt like the base was rounded! But the chatter on the straights was unbearable!

Online I found some 155 in the States, maybe this is the way to go?


Basti 02-22-2013 06:18 AM

Yes, the Cobra would also work. 155 is a good size for you. If you can reserve one in the US until you arrive, get it there. It's cheaper there.

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