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chair_lunch_din 09-05-2008 11:04 AM

advice on which board
Hey everybody hows it going? I'm in the market for a new board and was just curious what the snowboarding community here would recommend. This is my first post so please excuse any noobish mistakes. Info about me is as follows:

gender: male
age: 18
weight: 170lbs
boot size: 10.5 mens us
height: 5'11''
years snowboarding: 8
skill level: intermediate/advanced

I usually like to freeride, go fast, hit the steeps, go off into the trees, hit powder, and take a few runs through the park. Basically what I am looking for is a board that will hold its edge really well on all conditions, float in the powder, be stable at speed, go edge to edge quickly, be nimble and just be awesome to ride. Kind of a all mountain/freeride/backcountry board. Ideally it would be durable and tough, but I do not want a board that is so heavy it is tough to spin with. I have a dedicated park board (rome graft) so the new boards ability to ride in the park and do jibs is not a big deal.

I have been researching which board to buy for several months now and have tentatively narrowed it down to the following six as possible choices:

burton custom x
never summer premier
never summer heritage
rome anthem
k2 zeppelin
atomic alibi

I have read many reviews and have heard good things about all the boards, I am just unsure which one would suit me best. I am kinda leaning more towards the NS Premier, but nothing is certain. I am open to boards and brands not on my list, it is just from my research I picked these as the best candidates. I also don't really care what year the board is, so it doesn't have to be the newest version on the market. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

BurtonAvenger 09-05-2008 05:47 PM

The alibi is going to be the softest board on your list, it has Nomex in the tip and tail. Nomex is resin or epoxy covered cardboard its really squishy and doesn't last too long, while I love Atomic products when they introduced that to the alibi the board just went to shit.

The Zepplin is fun and definitely up your alley for what you're looking for its going to be slightly stiffer when it comes to park riding but still stable and fun. Although once again Nomex in the core between the feet but its not the full width of the core its only half width then layered with wood over top, this will give it better snap.

Anthem is what it is, I think Rome bastardized it last season the sidecut is super aggressive on it and really digs in. Great if you're into laying Euro carves, but other than that semi chattery.

The Heritage is basically the big brother to the sl. Slightly stiffer, little wider, and more of a all mountain shape to it compared to an all mountain freestyle shape. I liked the board for what you're describing.

The premier is definitely the top contender for what you listed as its shape is more geared for pow/trees than park. The new Premier F1 for this year retains the same shape as the older premiers with lighter glass in it a bit more torsional give to it. So where a lot of people complained about it getting on edge if not as speeds I found it slightly better.

Custom X just chatters the alumafly core doesn't dissipate energy and its not that great of a park board better in pipe.

chair_lunch_din 09-06-2008 09:15 AM

Thanks for the advice man, probably will be going with the never summer premier in either 157 or 159. Does anyone know if the 2009 model is going to be better than the 2008? I was just wondering whether I should go for a deal on an 08' or spend the extra cash on an 09' if it is a better board.

BurtonAvenger 09-06-2008 11:02 AM

The 08/09 model changes from the premier and Premier T5 to just being called the Premier F1. The core is completely redesigned with a softer torsional give to it. If you can save the money get the last years model.

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