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New Vail Snowboarding site
I am helping develop a travel website for Vail, CO. and am responsible for the market research portion. It would be super cool if I could have some suggestions of what type of travel information, services, etc are of the most value to snowboarders in particular. Any random thought or ideas would be greatly appreciated. We may be looking to contract someone for writing assignments about snowboarding in Vail and snowbowarding in Aspen. Anyone interested in that with the experience (knowledge of the area & english/writing backround) please PM me with your info. Thanks everyone I appreciate your help!:)

Vail, CO

Simply^Ride 09-16-2008 09:36 AM

ok i travel for all my riding. Been to Vail a couple of times and I love out there. To be honest I am not sure what you guys want out of this site that you're creating. The one that the currently have has pretty much all the info i need to make a desiccion. I do have to say that websites are a big factor when it comes to deciding where should I travel, not sure why, but slow laggy sites piss me off and help me stay away from that resort. As far as info, i guess prices are a big factor, also include promotions, so that you can attract more people to your resort.

the new a-basin site is a great example of what a site should look like in my opinion. Nice layout, fast and some what stable (ofcourse that depends on the host).

All travel information should be there, restaurants, hotels, activities, shuttle services, prices for everything. Another important factor would be activities for non riders and non skiers. Pet information as well, many of these rich old people love taking their ugly puddles to the winter vacations.

Make the site attractive, Vail has some incredible views with some amazing opportunities to get some amazing pictures, take advantage of that.

not sure what else to post, if anything pops in my mind ill post it here.

good luck. :thumbsup:

ohhhhh, make the website available in many languages for our international friends, Vail gets lots of them ;)

Simply^Ride 09-16-2008 09:42 AM

by the way the colors of the site, fucking suck. Men who the fuck decided on that, you can rarely read the menu. 09-16-2008 10:08 AM

Yeah we are definately overhauling the site. The homepage up now is the preliminary landing page. A shit ton of content is being developed and I appreciate everyones input on

1. What types of services (food,retail) do snowboarders want in general to see on a travel site about Aspen & Vail
2. What type of useful general information would snowboarders want to see?

3. Are some resorts or hotels in Aspen & Vail more snowboarder friendly?

4. What is the general vibe in the snowboard community in Vail & Aspen?

Thanks!:thumbsup: 09-16-2008 10:11 AM

What would be the top languages you suggest to have translated versions of on the site?
That is a great idea I will email the director about today.


Simply^Ride 09-16-2008 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by (Post 66138)
What would be the top languages you suggest to have translated versions of on the site?
That is a great idea I will email the director about today.


shit i dont know, i guess main ones.

spanish, french, german, italian, Portuguese, canadian :laugh:, japanese, chinese, something like that. When I was in vail, i noticed a lot of european people so think about that

killclimbz 09-16-2008 11:50 AM

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Yeah, I would say you might want to check with Marketing, reservations, and see if you can tell where your international customers are coming from. Then pick your top 2-5 or something. That's a tough one since we're all Americano's for the most part. I think they speak English in the UK and New Zealand. Judging by some of Paolo's responses it's questionable... 09-16-2008 04:09 PM

That's an awesome idea for identifying what the top languages would be. We're talking about either having a translated version on the same site or a sister site in that language.


Simply^Ride 09-16-2008 04:14 PM

this should give you an idea

Rome Snowboards | Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate 2009

when you enter the site, it prompts you about the language and thats it.

BurtonAvenger 09-16-2008 06:55 PM

As someone that lives over in Summit county. You should have a constant widget or pop up that tells if the pass/tunnel are closed.

What shops are having killer deals would be a good one.

Where to get cheap hookers.

What the night life is like.

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