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33AndAThird 04-07-2013 03:43 PM

Good Pow / Freeride / Carving board?
Hi all,

I've been reading some excellent reviews and advice on this forum, so thought I'd join to ask a question about which board to buy. Unfortunately, unlike it seems you get in North America, there doesn't really seem to be too many demo days here in Europe, especially not from the brands I've been most interested recently in my research (YES and Never Summer). They had a Nitro day here in Val, but they only had boards I was interested in riding in small sizes. So unfortunately I'm going to have to buy based purely on web research and this (great) forum.

I'm 6"6 (198cm) so a tall rider, and weight about 95kg (210 pounds) with a size US12 boot (though I think I need to downsize to an 11.5), currently a Nitro Team TLS. I think this means I'll need a wide board.
I've been riding on average 2-3 weeks a year for 4 seasons, and this year I've spent the season from early Jan in Val d'Isere (French Alps) with 12 hours of lessons a week and will be here through April. I consider myself an advanced intermediate, and the type of riding I like to do is as follows
Powder: The season here in Val has been ridiculously good for powder. Most lessons have been spent learning to bomb down gnarlier off-piste runs. I love to surf in powder and navigate down couloirs.
Piste: When the powder's no good, I like to hit the piste fairly hard. I wouldn't consider myself a no-holds-barred charger, but I like to carve my way down at reasonable speed (normally top out at about 80kmh / 50mph).
Freestyle: I'm not big into the park, I'll hit small/medium jumps, but not often, and I don't do too much with them, maybe a 180. Not into jibbing / rails, maybe a 50/50 or a boardslide on occasion. I do enjoy ollieing and jumps off the side of the piste or off drop-offs, but again only really pulling 180s or 360s, nothing crazy. Would like to learn how to do presses better but it aint a priority.

I started off with a 2009 Burton Custom 172W ICS (they only did a cambered model then) with Burton Triad EST bindings. I'm now aware this was miss-sold to me, but I was told at the time i needed it for my height and weight. Needless to say I'm sure this big board made it harder for me to learn. After a couple of seasons on that I decided I wanted something more manoeuvrable, but still didn't really know what I was doing. Because I had EST bindings I went with Burton again and bought a Joystick 164W. This was certainly more fun, and I continued to ride on both depending on weather conditions. I've actually been using the Custom 172 for most of our powder days, and it floats nicely (harder in the narrow couloirs though!), but I'm sure thats just because of its ridiculous size rather than being a particularly powder friendly design.

In a nutshell I want to replace these two boards with one. I would like something that is great in the pow, but realising pow is not always around, something that is responsive, good for carving and pretty good for speed when going down the piste. I'd also like something with a bit of pop and reasonable for 180/360 spins onto the piste, and the odd jump in the park, but the freestyle is less important to me. I would also like something that isn't too unforgiving. I do like to go hard and fast at times, but sometimes I'm a bit lazy (or hungover :laugh:) or am boarding slowly on the piste with friends at a lower level than me. Basically something that has to be ridden on edge the whole time is not what Im looking for.

A final consideration. I decided to get new bindings that were not EST so that I could unchain myself from Burton. I've just bought a pair of 2013 Flux SF45 bindings that I got a good deal on. I bought them because I wanted something more responsive than the Triads, without being super super stiff, and a few bits an pieces I read online lead me to believe the SF45s would fit the bill as a responsive yet do-anthing binding. Now having read more, I am worried they will be too stiff? I haven't ridden them yet as I'm still waiting for flux to send me out the ICS compatible baseplates, but I guess the stiffness of this binding will have some bearing on the board I select.

Now, on to the boards I've been looking at.
Yes Pick Your Line: I saw this on the good ride and it really seemed to fit the bill for what I wanted. They rave about it, but then I've seen reviews that say it is a bit unforgiving and needs to be ridden on the edge to get the most of it. Any thoughts?
Never Summer Heritage: This looked like another solid choice. I think it was the good ride that said that you should be an advanced rider on this board, I don't know how advanced "advanced" is, but again, although I like to ride hard at times, sometimes I like to muck about or be a bit lazy, is this going to be too on edge?
Never Summer Premier: Reading some reviews this looked another good choice, but given the stiffness and weight probably no good for playing around. I struggled to know whether Premier or Heritage would be better given my love of pow, though the Premier doesn't come in a Wide.
Never Summer Cobra: I have just read through all 39 pages of Snowolfs excellent review thread (I've not seen reviews this good on forums on any topic, very impressive!). This really seems to hit the mark! Although given my want for a stiffer / responsive setup, I'm wondering whether its flex rating of 5 will be stiff enough? To be honest, having only ever ridden the Joystick and the massive Custom, which are quite far apart, I don't know if I really want more stiffness or just something that turns easier like the Joystick with the stability and edge hold of the big Custom, and something in my head has just decided that means stiffness. One thing that worried me is that Snowolf said he thought stiffer bindings would be too twitchy on the Cobra as it has a tendency to overturn, have I bought the wrong bindings for the Cobra? I read they are increasing the stiffness of the Cobra a little for 2014, is this true and if so, has anyone ridden it?

I'm open to any brand really now that I've been unchained from Burton, but am particularly interested in YES PYL vs NS Cobra vs NS Heritage vs NS Premier for the sort of riding I want to do.

I've just realised I've written a small essay here, so if you've stuck with me to this point, I appreciate it! :bowdown:
Looking forward to any advice you can give me.

Nivek 04-07-2013 04:11 PM

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Outbof those options I'd say the PYL. It's is an aggressive board and if you don't ride it, it'll ride you. That said, you learned on a Canberra 172w. You have the strength the handle it. From the NS's i think you'll get more recs for the Cobra.

I would also look into the Ride Berzerker. For someone not looking to ride park and wants to do everything else on the mountain it's one of the best boards I've been on.

If you aren't super concerned with switch and get to ride mostly good conditions look into the Jones Flagship too. Super stable and will flaot very well.

It'll be a little more surfy in pow but the best powder focused all mountain/freeride deck I rode this year was the K2 UltraDream. You can definitely turn it super hard and the progressive sidecut grips, but it wont have as much snap out of a hard carve as something with camber. Inherently more stable than something with center reverse though.

My 3 picks would either be the PYL, Ultra, or Berzerker depending on where I wanted the most performance.

OU812 04-07-2013 04:47 PM

Look into some Lib Tech boards as well. NS is tough to find in Europe and really overpriced I found. Lib had better prices and much better selection. I found a TRS, T. Rice, Attack Banana and a few others at a Quicksilver store here in Prague and good spring prices.

neni 04-07-2013 05:43 PM

Any specific reason you don't have the NS Raptor on your list? Husband rides a 164one (had a Custom X before). He likes aggressive carving, to straight line wherever sight allows and we've been in a lot of pow this season too: he really likes his Raptor. I've also ridden his Raptor for a day and found it to be an awesome carver. The acceleration in the carve impressed me a lot. You get faster with every new C. Very specific for this deck (as I was told by the NS tent guy). An other nice thing is the dampening: it's still smooth to ride in the afternoon groomers (when my Flagship becomes a rough ride). You CAN take it easy on this deck, but if you want to carve hard and bomb lines, it'll serve. If you're into RC decks anyway, I'd have a look into the Raptor too.

And the Ride Highlife... it doesn't seem to be popular in this forum :dunno: but husband and me have ridden it at a demo day and we both liked it a lot. Chatter free hard changing speed carving board.

If you really want to demo some boards, look out for the Saas-Fee Box (in Valais, Switzerland). Its "only" some hrs drive from Val and I was told that it's one of the biggest demo stations in Europe, Sept-Nov. Lot of major brands will have their 2014 decks in different sizes there. Was told that NS will be there too. Would be a nice season opening on glacier weekend trip. I'll be there, still want to demo a Raven in 157 and the Arbor A-Frame ;)

The homepages are not yet up to date, but look at the links in autumn.
Test de ski et de snowboard - Saas Fee - Saastal and Anmeldung - // Box & Future Try Veranstaltungen in Sölden, Saas-Fee, Davos & Les Croisettes


Originally Posted by OU812 (Post 900146)
Look into some Lib Tech boards as well. NS is tough to find in Europe and really overpriced I found. Lib had better prices and much better selection. I found a TRS, T. Rice, Attack Banana and a few others at a Quicksilver store here in Prague and good spring prices.

Two weeks ago, I've been at a demo weekend here (Switzerland) with a NS tent and I know two shops who sell them. Not a problem to get them here...

OU812 04-07-2013 05:57 PM

Neni, really? You're lucky, because in my experience Never Summer is like a unicorn around here.

neni 04-07-2013 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by OU812 (Post 900210)
Neni, really? You're lucky, because in my experience Never Summer is like a unicorn around here.

they're really quite common here :) my unicorn is the Venture Zephyr. Don't even know where to buy them let alone to test one.

OU812 04-07-2013 07:36 PM

I'm happy with my Lib TRS purchase but was looking at NS initially. I tracked down some NS boards here but they were an arm and a leg. Burton is very popular here, nothing new there. Seen some GNU boards, Nitro, Nidecker, Volkl, Atomic but Never Summer only online and selection is really scarce.

Mpjames 09 04-09-2013 02:22 PM

I agree with Neni about the NS Raptor. You seem to be at the skill level to handle a stiff board like that. Also, check out the Nidecker Megalight and Ultralight. These boards are sick and they excel in the riding you described. Fair warning, the Nideckers are expensive and difficult to find. I have the Ultralight and I love it. Good luck

CassMT 04-09-2013 02:33 PM

at your weight i would go a bit shorter than a 171...if you are on a wide anyway i think you can get plenty of float out of a 163-165W and you will find you can whip it around in the pow better, and still not lose hold on the groomed

look at the K2 Slayblade too, as an option..havent ridden it myself, but ive flexed enough boards to tell that thing is badass

gauntlet09 04-09-2013 05:02 PM

The Slayblade IS badass. Maybe a little TOO badass for what he wants. I've been riding one for the last 2 1/2 seasons, and it's a beast! (in a good way)

I've actually been looking for something a lot like what the OP is describing, for those days when I don't quite have it in me to tame the 'blade. Though I haven't ridden either board, my research has me leaning towards 2 of Nivek's suggestions: the Ultra Dream or the Berzerker

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