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MitakaJ9 01-11-2014 08:02 AM

My bindings tear up my boots :/
Hi all I need some advise. For 2 rides my bindings (Burton Cartel) tore up my boots (Northwave Legend)...I saw were the friction is happening but I cant understand why it does so. I mean that the boots shouldn't move in the bindings at least I don't feel it.

So here is the damange - Northwave dmg -

I think the friction is happening because the boots have a little bump: Northwave dmg -

which is perfectly aligned with this edge (maybe other boots wont have problem with the edge) Northwave dmg - Northwave dmg -

Also I think that maybe the fact that Northwave are more narrow may have in finger in this. See how 32 is siting in the binding compared to NW: Northwave dmg - Northwave dmg -

32 fills the whole size of the binding not like NW where there is room for movement. But when I strap them good I don't think there is any movement

And here is the boot in the binding. The strange thing is that the top of the tore part is aligned with the edge not the center of the tore part!? The boot is a litle bit forward so I can take the picutre: Northwave dmg -

So my questions:
1) So the edge aligns with the tore part so this is the reason. But still this shouldn't have happened after 2 days. And even if in the presence of an edge the boot shouldn't move and there shouldn't be any friction!? Do you have any idea why this is happening and do you have any advises on what can I tweak on the bindings so I can prevent anymore damage?

2) How should I proceed with the boots? If I prevent anymore friction I think they are okay (they are not leaking) but I don't think I will manage to prevent this so measures must be taken. I though of gluing piece of leather to the boot and when it gets torn to remove it and glue another and so on but I think this will be messy. Or to stick some kind of tape every time I ride? Do you have any better suggestions?

Please give me some advise as I am already wondering to replace the bindings or boots but I don't want to because both are too comfortable to me I prefer if I can find workaround.

kaborkian 01-11-2014 09:26 AM

I'm guessing your bindings are too big for your boots. What size are they, boots and bindings both?

You also may have your highbacks adjusted too straight up and of course if that's the case, your boots will tough only at the heel cup. Turn the flad until the highbacks are slightly pushing the boot away from the heelcup. When you strap in, do the toe first so your boot is pushed far back against the highbacks. This will hold the boots as securely as possible in the bindings.

Finally, use this:


Shoegoo. Walmart sells it, pretty sure more of the big box lowes and Home Depot do as well. Silicone based, dries hard yet flexible. Just smear some on the worn parts and replace as it gets worn off again.

Flylo 01-11-2014 09:31 AM

Have a read through this thread, there's been some input from Burton too.

slyder 01-11-2014 10:35 AM

Personally I'd file down those griping edges off the highback.

Ck out my thread on Tuff Toe, Tuff Toe snowboard boot repair I think this stuff would work well for your issue

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