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radiopayola 05-15-2014 08:39 AM

Burton Restricted Rover Report - F3.0 and TM-Two are on the way
I thought this boot looked a little bit like my old Sabbaths, which I love, so I decided to pick up a pair in the same size and try my luck. They were sold as new on ebay, but it was clear they had been lightly used (maybe even packed out a little) so I have a case open to get a refund right now.

The fit seemed a little bit loose compared to my old Sabbaths...even after the old boots were heat molded and fully packed out. The sabbath's seemed to have just the perfect amount of toe-crunch when they were new to make them uncomfortable but not unbearable for the first week or so of riding. After that, they fit like a glove. I wish I'd known the trick to kick the curb to speed up the toe-pack-out back then. The rovers had a tiny bit of toe crunch that probably would have packed out nicely, but the arch and heel fit was a little bit sloppy by comparison. Overall stiffness also seemed a little bit looser. No j-bars in the box, but I don't know if they were supposed to come with the boot... Obviously, these were previously worn by a foot of unknown dimensions, I haven't ridden in them, nor heat molded them while laced all of that could be a factor in my opinion. Overall, though, I don't think I'd want rovers that are the same size as my old sabbaths, in case anyone is wondering. I think I'd want to either try one size down...or forget em.

I'll probably look for something that fits a little more snug or has a reputation of not packing out. I'm anxious to try out the salomon f3.0's in a 29 (11) after having the 29.5 (11.5) fit like a glove when I tried them on last year. Thirtytwo TM Twos in 11.5 are also on the way. Fortunately, avoided ebay for these two... Worst case, I think I'll pick up the ugly sabbath colorway from my same year...because I really liked em and they happen to be floating around in my size still.

radiopayola 05-16-2014 09:11 PM

ThirtyTwo TM-Two Wins
I stopped by a local shop to try on the size 12 TM-Two just for kicks. They had the Lashed in an 11, so I tried that one also. This was confusing because the TM-two in a 12 had that 'perfect fit' feel for a good pair of shoes...and the Lashed in an 11 felt like it had the perfect amount of snugness and toe-crunch. Then, today my 11.5 TM-two came in and it fit almost exactly like the size 11 Lashed. I think the lashed runs a little bigger than the TM-Two...not sure...

Long story short. The TM-Two seems awesome from just trying them on, and after reading a little bit about them...I'm pretty sure I will be keeping them. Reading about the 2013 F3.0 made me a little nervous about em. It seems to have problems with laces staying secure and tight while riding and intact while tightening, so I'll probably give up on those. I don't need boots that won't stay tight and end up breaking because I have to re-tighten them all the time.

ThirtyTwo wins. I'm stoked on them... and I think I need to sneak out to Mammoth for one last shred.

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