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Default WOW are Burton Speed Laces this crappy? Let me know your experience

ok so I have made a couple different threads here having the worst time finding boots. As of now I have 3 pairs of brand new boots sitting next to me
-Ride Anthem (8)
-DC Scout (8)
-Burton Ruler Wide (7.5)

I only have today to try and figure out which ones to keep. When I tried the ruler wides in a store I thought I finally found the boot for me. Tried them on last night and they hurt. Decided to spend the day wearing them all to figure out which works for me. For some reason I kind of ruled the anthems out because they don't seem as well made as the other two. Don't get me wrong they fit ok and I LOVE that they lock the tongue in place in the's amazing..but for some reason I just don't feel like the boot is that great or the liner.

So about 15 minutes ago I was going back and forth with the DC and the Burtons. SUCH a hard decision because they both feel OK. I used boots 3 sizes to big so it's hard to know how they should feel. They are both snug and if anything the Ruler Wide is more snug. How the hell am I supposed to decide. Strapped myself in with both and they are similar. Only thing I worry with the DCs is that they will pack out and get looser. Then again I over think everything.

So anyways I was putting the burtons back on. I went to tighten the inner lace (lower section) of one of the burton boots and heard a little noise. Some kind of rip or's hard to explain because when I tried them on in the store I heard something similar when pulling them tight. Well it turns out the boot took a shit. The lace for the lower section was locked in place. Even when loose from the little plastic thing with the teeth and all the slack pulled through. Idk if burton uses metal or plastic tubing to run the laces through but somehow the lace is now stuck. I literally had to fight to get my foot out. Tried pulling it tighter to see if it would break it free. Nope. The lace is stuck. With them off I pulled the actual lower top lace with no luck either. Seems somewhere between where the lace goes up to the plastic piece there are stuck inside. Boots are USELESS right now. Yes I can send them back but I can't believe it. I had BOAs before and everyone bitches about them but I can get free knobs and laces to keep with me if I ever have an issue. Are burton speed zone lace boots this crappy? My major concern with keeping them was worrying they would come loose after the teeth wear out or something. Now I have a pair of boots that I was thinking I was going to keep that I have to ship back. Now I am even more lost as to what boots to get. I measured around a 7. The DC 8's fit good I think. Toe just touches and everything so I'm not worried about the size 8 because every boot will be different.

Also if you had boots that fit pretty similiar which would you go with. Are the burton ruler's better than the dc scouts? idk..

so yea now I am about to contact backcountry to return these boots. If I get another pair how do I know the same wont happen.

Burton Ambush Wide.jpg
Notice how the lace is free from the plastic teeth and slack is pulled through? Well the lace is tight as hell and won't come free
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You tried pulling the lace all the way forward and down? The noise it makes when locking/unlocking is normal
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look at the picture..the slack of the lace is pulled all the way through the other side... the plastic piece isn't the issue. They are stuck inside.
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Just got of the phone with BackCuntry. The girl wasn't familiar with the lacing but gave me an instant return without them even having the boots back yet. Also don't have to pay for shipping back to them. She put me on hold to take with someone who knew about boots and came back saying "yea his advice is to stay away from speed laces and he said a lot of people have issues with them"
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I've personally never had any issues with the Burton speed laces seizing, like you describe, with the 3 Burton boots I've owned.

For the most part, I like the speed laces, except having to wrap them around the grips after I tighten.

It would be easier to help troubleshoot, having the boot in hand, however obv that can't be done.

For me when I'm taking my boots off, after I have the laces fully unwrapped, I give a hard yank forward to unlock the laces. It I didn't get it done. I'll yank backwards again, as if I was locking them in and then yank forward again to unlock.

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very similar to my daughters 32's and I don't care for them either.
She broke a lace on her boot holding/kicking her board. Yes user error I know, but just wasn't happy with the design and again user error on her part she never really got them tight, not a ton of upper body strength on her little frame.

sounds like you got treated with some good CS, so that is always good to hear
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Yea it just sucks..the place I got them has no more of them in 7.5 and idk if its worth the risk getting them again..seriously it was the second time I tried them on..and they completely broke. I know how to use the laces if you look at the pic you would see the lace is free from the plastic piece and pulled all the way through the bottom. The DCs are single BOA which don't feel bad..idk.
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ok so maybe other burton boots don't have this problem...maybe it's because the ruler wide is a brand new model this year but these things are JUNK. DO NOT buy these boots.

I was curious so I put the other one on again. Checked the lower zone lace and it was fine. It pulled back and forth through the boot smooth like it should. Tightened them and loosened them and it got VERY tight sliding through the boot. Tightened them one more time...STUCK. just like the other boot. I already got my refund from backcountry but called burton just to see what they would say. He was a dick and just said to return to back country.

just a heads up these boots are total shit. Maybe other speed zones are fine but obviously they changed something with the tunnel inside the wides
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Shit happens, things break. Hell, an expensive pair of pants I bought my daughter for xmas had to be taken back because they neglected put in the hole for the button on them.

We all feel your frustration, but I have my doubts that Burton has created a flawed product line. They certainly know what they are doing when it comes to speed laces.

I have some rulers. They felt great until I got on the slopes with them. Then my right foot ached bad on and off. Before this season I had them heat molded and they've been great so far.
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Yea I understand that sometimes shit just happens and I agree. This is completely different though. You think its impossible for a company to release product that has a manufacturing issue? That is the most stupid statement I have heard. If it was one boot I'd understand. But for BOTH boots to do the EXACT same thing. Like I said the seocond boot..first the lace got really tight..almost like the tunnel inside bent and was pinching the lace..then I tightened it again and it got completely stuck.

I'm not saying other Burton boots are junk but these are. Why is it so hard for you to believe. Yes rulers have been around forever but the ruler wide is a brand new model this its a brand new product.
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