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ComicStix 01-22-2010 12:28 PM

Big Woman feet
I have big feet for a girl size 11 anyways I was wondering if I could use mens boots. I'm regular weight and kinda tall. Would it work?

Psi-Man 01-22-2010 12:35 PM

The difference in the boots seems to center around the anatomy of the calf, but I don't see why a men's boot would not work if it is fitted properly. You will certainly have more selection.

Suburban Blend 01-22-2010 12:37 PM

yes you can but the only down side is that Men's boots are taller by by about an inch. So you might get some calf bite.

kMc 01-22-2010 01:06 PM

i wear mens boots. my feet arent really giant, but i just think they fit me better. im pretty tall though so maybe the calf thing isnt a problem for me?

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