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BliND KiNK 02-21-2010 08:03 PM

Question about rental boots?
New to the forums, HeYo!

New to snowboarding as well, don't quite have any gear yet other than goggles and warm clothes..
So I just finished my second session of snowboarding ever, the first time was unmentionable and full of pain but this time I actually boarded well like I'd been doing it for a while..

So I wondering if tying or not tying your rental boots helps or hurts or if it's just in my head, because when I went down the slope without them tied - I was all pro, no real falls other than "hey beginner!" type stuff, but when I tied them and tried to snowplow down right after I fell off of the chairlift drop in, I couldn't move my board at all like I was trying to and ended up with a head first fall that could have seriously injured me but resulted in only a gnarly dazed state..

I'm sure this problem won't be so evident with serious snowboarding boots but I was wondering if them being loose on my ankles was really giving me that much control versus having them tight? Or am I teaching myself a bad habit giving myself the extra control with loose boots around the ankles?

ALSO the board I was using had the boot clips it wasn't actual bindings and how much of an effect does that have as well? thanks, hope to be here more often and sorry for the wall of text!!

Technine Icon 02-21-2010 11:55 PM

The fact that it had boots clips is the cause of your problem. U need softer boots and regular bindings.

BliND KiNK 02-22-2010 12:45 AM

Makes sense, soft boots.. bindings ... yeah so I guess I was just kind of simulating that effect while putting my ankles in extreme danger.. I did twist it almost completely around from losing control so... that hurts to walk on right now... but I just love the feeling of going down that fresh powder so much.

My girlfriend couldn't believe I was riding so well on my second time after I made a valentines day massacre on the previous time.

BliND KiNK 02-23-2010 03:07 PM


I still would like to know about the clip on boots issue I asked about, tying or not tying..
I can't really afford to dish out money for gear right now, so I'm kind of stuck with rentals for the time being.

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