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tspkenneth 08-23-2012 04:02 PM

Boot to buy with weak ankle?
I currently have a pair of DC Rogans that i feel the quality is diminishing. They were size 9.5 and the fit was good at first, but now that they are packed out, they seem a bit loose. Should i drop down to a size 9 and hope that when packed out, they will fit perfect?

I also have a weak ankle w/ limited mobility, so would it be more beneficial to get a stiffer boot or would a softer park boot still give the support that i need? I usually tighten my boots pretty tight to maintain the support that i need.

I have a 2012 never summer evo w/ Rome 390 boss bindings and will be riding a lot park and some mountain.

Feet are also flat and a little wide if that helps with any recommendations. I do like the fit of DC's, just dont know which model to get.

snowklinger 08-23-2012 11:49 PM

I have flat wide feet and 32's fit me great. The Prime is a good choice for a stiff bomber boot that will give your ankle lots of support. They have a couple other stiff models also.

tspkenneth 08-24-2012 03:16 PM

Will a stiffer boot make it harder for jibbing and doing butters?

jdang307 08-24-2012 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by tspkenneth (Post 515050)
Will a stiffer boot make it harder for jibbing and doing butters?

An ill fitting boot sure will.

Find the boot that fits your foot, and supports your ankles and shit. Then worry about how to deal with it in butters and jibbing.

tspkenneth 08-24-2012 03:25 PM


Originally Posted by jdang307 (Post 515051)
An ill fitting boot sure will.

Find the boot that fits your foot, and supports your ankles and shit. Then worry about how to deal with it in butters and jibbing.

Lol yea you're always seem to have the right answers for me...must have some sort of connection since we have the same last name, if dang is your last name. Bromance? lol

Thanks for your help guys.

jdang307 08-24-2012 04:22 PM

Yeah you can cut that shit out right now


Just dispensing the advice given to me ...

snowklinger 08-24-2012 10:54 PM

You may consider the new Remind Liners, perhaps u can throw those in your old DC's, half the price of a new boot, but new support, zero packout, etc, they look sick to me!

tspkenneth 08-26-2012 12:55 PM

I was looking into those liners when you posted about it, but I think I'm looking for an excuse to get new boots :p and pass down my old setup to my brother

timmytard 08-27-2012 09:50 AM

I stepped on a rusty nail @ 4yrs old, @12 they finally figured out my entire heel bone was infected. I had my heel bone hollowed out, then cleaned out daily for 4 months.

I had a hollow heel bone for a few years.
Cracked it twice before it filled in, sprained it to many times to remember.
It is much weaker than the other one, it's fucked, & constantly bugs me.

I need quality boots, stiff boots, & unfortunately usually expensive boots.
The stiffness keeps my ankle from further injury, the range of motion is far less.
You will lose some tweek-ability, but you gain strength & strength in snowboarding = Bigger, faster, you will be able to stomp landings from much larger airs & go way faster.

Normally I wear a size 10 shoe, 11 work boot, but always go 1/2 size smaller with my booties. Last year they didn't have a 9.5 in the boot I wanted & ended up getting a 9.
They were a bit to tight the first couple times I rode with them even after heat molding them. I was worried they weren't going to break in.

Now they fit perfect & I crank em up really tight.
I bought 2011 Burton Grails, they would probably be perfect for you too.
They are a freestyle boot, but one of the stiffer ones.
Check out the reviews, everyone loves em.
They were the 3rd or 4th most expensive Burton boot in 2011.
These are the exact same boot.
Burton Grail Snowboard Boot 2011 size 9 | eBay
Burton Grail Snowboard Boot Review
On Sale Burton Grail Snowboard Boots Black/White/Red Mens 7 - Snowboards, Boot, Snowboarding Gear, Equipment bt2gr09bwr11


crxken 08-29-2012 12:53 AM

IMO, if you have weak ankles then you should go with a stiffer boot that wont give as easily putting more pressure on your ankles. If you are able to twist your ankles then you're gonna get hurt.

I just bought a pair of the DC Judge boots, it has dual zone Boa system. It holds the ankles in pretty tight and keeps it pretty stiff. Real nice. But then I just tried on the Burton Imperial 2012 and it fit my foot like a glove right out of the box. Nice lean and slender profile. It has "cushioning" like in the Nice Air max shoe.

Sports chalet is setting up for the Labor Day weekend sale. Those boots will most likely be 50-70% off. That drops both boots to around $100 each.

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