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Cvc9216 12-31-2012 12:14 PM

Cannot find comfortable boots
I'm having a hard time finding comfortable boots. Last year I had some DC Scouts, they were OK but had bad pressure points on my ankles (and I had a half size too big). Just picked up some Thirty Two Focus BOA. They are a little stiff for me, which I can deal with, but after an hour they hurt my feet to the point I can barely ride.

They have pressure points on my ankle bones and on the top of my foot where the inner liner lace is. They have a pattern on the liner and it doesn't match my feet at all. See pic below, the yellow circle is about where my ankle bone is. I have pretty bony ankles/feet, am I just a weird fit?

Should I bother trying to heat mold these, add foam or whatever, or should I pick up new boots? I'm a 10.5, looking for something with BOA and mid flex. Not afraid of spending money for something that works.

Gdog42 01-07-2013 04:57 PM

you can start by sending back the ThirtyTwos for sure if they're painful, and especially is the ankle circle isn't adjustable. Just grab a Clorox surface wipe or something similar from a supermarket and wipe the boots down everywhere until they're in the same condition as they were when you go them. Don't tell the website you bought them that you've actually worn them on the hill- just say you tried them on and they fit awkwardly. If they ask if you've used them say no and do a damn fine job cleaning them! :thumbsup:

It looks like your only problem is the position of the heel supports.
The Focus Boas have the Level 6 liner, which does have those circular supports on it. (The Level 3 and Level 4 liners also have them.)

Check out the boots with the Level 2 liners, which don't have those heel supports to get in you way. Go to their boots page ( and on each boot you can see an image of its liner at the bottom of the page.
The boots with the Level 2 Liners are the STW Boa, JP Walker Light, 86 FT, Maven, Prion, and Prion FT.
These boots are also softer than the Focus Boas, which solves the problem of the stiffness.

If you want to try a different brand, Vans has a similar heel support on their liners as the one you have now, but it's higher up and is completely open at the front, which looks like it would fit you pretty good if that's where your heel bone sticks out.
Here's a Vans liner:

I haven't tried Vans boots, but they look decent and are made to fit with most bindings. Do you're bindings have a cap strap? If you do try Vans boots, keep in mind that on some models the toe section is really soft and would squash down with an over-the-toe strap, unless they've fixed that this season.

Most brands have different liners with the support bars in different positions.
Good luck with finding better boots.

Gdog42 01-07-2013 05:07 PM

Forgot to say:

When you return the Focus Boas, it would make trying on pairs from online a lot easier if you order from
They specialize in footwear and they have free shipping and free returns so people can try stuff on. They sell ThirtyTwo boots and other boot brands, so you can go balls-out and try on all the pairs in all the sizes you like and just send back all the ones you don't like for a full refund. :)
They don't do up to size 14 in some pairs though, if that's your size.

Cvc9216 01-10-2013 09:38 AM

awesome thanks! I'm going to return these ThirtyTwos, I don't think they're gonna work out, and I'd rather get my money back than hope I can get them to fit. I may give the STW a shot but I'm thinking a different brand, the Focus is the most uncomfortable boot I've ever worn.

I want to buy locally but local shops don't have a huge selection, especially higher end stuff. They are supposed to get some more in soon, or if not I'll give zappos a shot

Gdog42 01-10-2013 07:56 PM

I just got my ThirtyTwo Prions today. I'll now confirm for you that the Level 2 liner does not have those nasty looking plastic things on them. The whole thing is foam. It does have stitching in the shape of a circle in the same spot on the outside though, and it's just a little thicker on both sides of the bottom to cushion the Achilles tendon of the foot. My ankle bone sticks out close to where yours does due to being 6' 4", and the Level 2 feels nice.

Those plastic supports on the higher-level liners are designed to really squeeze your heel to minimize heel lift. They look like they'd be pretty uncomfortable for me too.
I would give the STW Boa a try, or any ThirtyTwo boot with the Level 2 liners before considering another brand. The quality of these boots, now that I have them in person, is simply the best I've ever seen from snowboard boots.
Or you could try those and try another brand at the same time. I'll update my thread later if I have time.

gstar7 01-10-2013 08:13 PM

i got some cheap 70$ fireflys from sportchek


Zolemite 01-10-2013 08:17 PM

I had a issue with a pressure point on front of my ankle. I heat molded my liner and it eliminated it

gmore10 01-10-2013 08:26 PM

another way to make boots feel alot better is get a custom interlinear they will make a world of difference. and i second heat fitting them.

SeanMcdoug 01-14-2013 04:53 AM

Hi well honestly the most comforable boot ive ever had, are my Nike Zoom Force 1's the are light and feel like nothing on my feet with good dampening.

Extremo 01-14-2013 12:15 PM

I'm riding these. The liner is super cushy. They've got a removable EVA heel pad that sits just above the ankle. The adjustability of that area is a huge bonus. The Speedlace system is superb.

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