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jkmrdck 01-09-2013 09:57 AM

Need advice.. ions, maysis, or focus
So im getting new boots.
switching from standard laces to boa system or speed lace system of some sort.

now theres 2 different kinds ive narrowed down too
well 3 but 2 are very similar.

theres the k2 maysis. there on there own with the patented boa konda system that utilizes a boa knob to tighten and loosen your insert (inside boot) from the outside. and then a second boa knob tightens the entire front of the outside boot.
now this seems like an awesome design being able to boa down your inside boot. but is it legit? is it useful? from experience using these boots do you use the insert boa alot or are you more sticking with adjusting the outside..

The second option is 32s Focus boa system. at the cheapest of the 3 boots.
this one uses your standard sinch down inside pull string. and then uses 2 boa knobs for the outside. one knob tightens the lower section of the boot ( toes to ankle ) and the other knob tightens the upper section ( ankle and up )

Now im curious, Ive never had the option of tightening the outside more with standard laces i get em tight and thats about all i can do so im curious how much effect you actually feel by tightening the outside boot instead of the inside boot.
I think i like the idea of tightening seperate sections. but again from your experiences what do you think of the system.?

the final option and most expensive is the burton ions.
these come with the standard sinch down inside boot and then burtons zonal speed lace system. the zonal speed lace system does the same as the 32 focus in that it tightens 2 separate sections with 2 separate laces.

the question is which works better boas or speed laces.
i would think a boa would be easier but idk

now i know theres alot of other features in these boots, j strap heel holders, special light weight soles, special density foams in certain areas to help hold your foot in place laterally and medially. so take all those into consideration and gimme your opinion on everything please.

the main question comes down to

and if you chose double boa thenn

jkmrdck 01-09-2013 09:59 AM

oh another big question is stiffness level

the maysis and the focus are 7s i believe
and the ion is an 8

burton also offers the driver x which is a 10.

whats stiffness grant you?
whats softness grant you?
wheres the happy medium?

if anyone is able to answer all my questions i will be greatly appreciative. :yahoo: :bowdown:

bntran02 01-09-2013 10:21 AM

I have the Maysis and have not tried the others. But from my experience they are a pretty stiff boot. I'd say all-mountain stiffness. I wouldnt compare boots by using only their numerical rating because every company uses a different scale.

As for The Maysis boa system I really like it. Do I use it a lot? Well, depends what you mean. I of course use it to tighten my boot at the beginning of every day but that's it. If you feel the need to make frequent on-the-fly adjustments then yea it would be great. Sometimes I want to have a more chill day so I loosen the inside boot a bit. Very quick and easy. But for the most part I just set it and forget it. It never loosens up throughout the day.

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