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I feel you. I had the exact same problems. My situation was solved with diff boots. I bought some K2 Darko, and I swear after 2-3 runs I had to take a break. I think the K2's are great boots, but they just didn't fit my skinny foot. I still have the boots and think about trying them to see if it comes back, or maybe sell them. I switched to some Nike Zf1. I honestly don't want to like them, But guess what? No more pain/cramping. I can tell you why I don't want to like them, but lack of pain makes me forget about all of those things when I'm boarding.
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After many many boots I've tried on I found that 32's seem to fit me. I've had long issues with cramping which I've posted here. My issue is related to Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Swelling, and needing a wide area/high instep. 32 fits the bill.

I got 32 Focus Boa's on me. And 32 Prime's. I am sized to a foot 12. The Focus Boa's are 12. The Prime's are 11.5.

All the boots I ever wore have been size 12 but all those boots in general have caused me foot cramping. Which I believe to be a combination of the issues I posted above, and slight foot movement, especially on toe side. My feet tense up on toe side trying to counteract the movement in the boot.

Overall the 32 feels more snug than any boot I tried, even the 12. The 11.5 is very snug, almost too snug but my toes aren't curling. They're definitely all packed in the front. I do have a sense of tingling/numbness when walking but if I lean hard into the boot it goes away. On the 12's (Focus) I can wiggle my toes up and down. On the 11.5's (Prime), I can't really wiggle my toes much. There's a good amount of pressure coming downward from the top right before my toes. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. Definitely a sense of numbness / stiffness initially but maybe this is what I need?

If I kick my heel down on my 32 Focus, then wiggle my toes and try to touch the front with my toe I can't feel the end with too much pressure. Maybe it's perfect, maybe it's a few cm off from touching? If I take the liner out and push my foot to the toebox area as hard as possible I can stick 1 1/2 fingers behind my heel.

If I kick my heel down on my 32 Primes, then wiggle my toes... I barley can. And I am definitely touching the front of the boot in a very contact way with at least 3 front toes. It's uncomfortable compared to the Focus's but maybe this is what I need? If I take the liner out of the bood and slam my toes into the front and try to put a finger behind my heel... I can do 1 finger.

My concern is that the Focus's will pack out and I'll have the same issue as the other boots. My concern is also that the Prime's are way too tight and it feels like it's squeezing my foot and will not help with the wideness / swelling issue I have. But perhaps the pack out will make it a perfect fit?

What would you guys do? I'm leaving to Whistler for a few weeks and I can take both with me and return one but I'd feel bad because I already did that with one boot from Plus packing both may be difficult.

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How does the 32 feel around your foot? They are typically a wide boot. So, if it's not snug around your foot it's a recipe for disaster.

This is exactly what happened to me. I needed a smaller boot and focused so much on length I ignored width and volume. I was in intense pain after an hour on the mountain.
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The 12's feel good around my foot. Very snug but toes have some wiggle room and it feels like the front two touch but they're not packed in. The 11.5's feel insanely snug, they are definitely uncomfortable. Toes can't wiggle up down much, all toes are basically at the tip and it is a feeling of numbness in middle toe.
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And by snug you mean around the entire forefoot? What do you measure for foot width?

From the sound of things you may be better off trying a Prime 12 and comparing it to the focus. Your toes should touch when standing and pull off when you really flex it.
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Checking in...

I'm still having the same problem.

Right now I am trying out some Van's sized 11 that was lent to me by a camp I'm at in Whistler. It's new.

It's very snug. My foot fits. It seems like it's a half size smaller than my 12 32 focus.

I'm still getting some cramps on my lead food only. In fact, by end of day it was numbness instead of cramps. Not sure why this is happening.

I'm not sure what else to try. Next day up I'll maybe try riding the boots really loose but if my feet still go numb not sure what to do. I've got Flow NX2 GT bindings now as well to try something different than the Cartels.

Another thing I noticed is that if I go toeside, the front of my foot (toes) push down for balance and maybe this is contributing to the cramping a bit. I can't move my toes/feet at all in terms of wiggle room, at least not more than a mm maybe. The vans are quite snug. I've tried the 32's both very tight and loose and I usually end up with same issues.

I am trying to think of maybe figuring out if it makes sense to have my surefoot custom sole made with a ramp towards the front of my toes to push them up higher? Anyone ever hear of that?
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It might actually be partly your bindings. When I used my burton freestyles, the ankle strap caused some pain on the inner/top part of my foot. With my rome 390 bosses, that pain is gone.
Maybe try changing up your stance/binding angles? From what I've read around here, having your feet in unnatural positions may cause some problems too.
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What type of stance has the least amount of pressure on outside of feet and offers good control for all mountain freestyle?
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Too bad going to the east coast is not an option...

as Jeff Rich @ U.S. Orthotic Center, Jeffrey Rich, Pedorthist in NYC made a orthotic for my DC Judge Boa Focus a few years ago. He's one of the Gurus behind America's Best Bootfitter program (Shintronic)

I have a mid-high arch that collapses a bit...

he evaluated my boots and found them acceptable.... took a mold of my feet and made me custom orthotics.

Keep in mind, with new boots, the liners do "pack out", that also affects the fit later on.

Maybe try:
Custom Boot Fitting | SkiNet Sports in LA. though it looks like he starts out with something like an instaprint (designed by Jeff Rich).... and possibly makes additional modifications...

I've had instaprints from a local shop that were horrible, as well....

imo, the best bootfitters should also be a pedorthist... but they are far and few, and can charge a premium.
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I had alot of similar problems as you.. I have almost completely flat to no arch whatsoever, and when I put my weight down on my feet, the probably widen by about 30%...i imagine this is from years and years of wearing skate shoes, sanuks and flip flops. I had Burton Ozone's, Salomon Factions, Vans Revere and all of them hurt..I tried 4 different brands of insoles ranging in price from 20-80$ and they did very little to help. In fact, they tended to cause MORE pain because of my low arches.
I kept hearing great things about Rome boots and went and tried on a pair of Libertines. I found that they had a consistent width throughout, and TONS of padding and cushion inside. My back foot cramps up occasionally on my first run of the day with them , but other than that, they are the most comfortable boots I've ever put on. I have also decided to steer clear of Boa and Speed Zone lacing type systems..with regular laces, I simply CAN'T overtighten the outside of the boot, yet i can still control where i tighten certain areas. I would really recommend giving them a try if you havent already. They changed everything for me and have really made my riding much more pleasant.

Never Summer Evo 153/Restricted ReFlex Cartel
Gnu Danny Kass 156 BTX
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