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dfischer 01-14-2013 02:56 PM

Pleading for help from an expert boot fitter or anyone else that has had cramps...
I have issue with feet cramping bad. A sensation that hurts my foot and makes it feel like I must take a break from my run. Very debilitating. I'm getting depressed because its holding me back.

I had burton raptors. Same issue. Just picked up k2 thraxis. Same issue. At least it's easier to adjust with 3 boas but fk same issue. I thought it would be fixed with a more adaptable expensive boot.

I don't have the privilege of a good boot fitter locally. I live in Los Angeles and there isn't anyone very helpful around here that knows boots too well bc there's not that much snowboarding for this city.

I tried Aline insoles. I have a slight probation in my feet. I went to the doctor to find this out as I had similar issues when working out and I had rather tight cross training shoes on. I never get this pain when I'm just walking. It's only during very active times. Foot doctor said my pronation happens because my foot gets a bit swollen and causes pressure to shift towards my arch which also causes it to flatten out as a consequence. But I tried an Aline custom sole specifically for pronation and they tested my feet and recommended this. No luck in my boots. I tried with and without. The cramp still happens.

I'm not sure what to try anymore. It's really depressing. I love snowboarding but I'm seriously getting held back because I have to stop so much or I avoid progressing because of the pain.

My foot is normal width according to the foot measure thing at boot stores. But maybe it truly is a width issue with my foot getting swollen? I have nothing else to try. Maybe I'll pick up those Solomon wide models.

By any chance has anyone gone through this? Is there a possibility my feet are cramping in these new k2's because it was my first day riding or does it already sound like a bad fit? I thought it was pretty comfy outside of riding compared to my raptors and definitely no heel lift. Had some in my raptors.

The k2 feels very snug. No movement at all unless I really try to push my heel out my pushing down with my front toes very hard.

When I went up today I got my usual pain in the beginning and then I tried to make the k2 boots as loose as possible for the lower end of the boot and I still had pain. I ended up only trying to tighten the top boa out of the three. The one that brings the bulk of the mid to upper boot to your calf and foot and despite this looseness I still had cramping.

I tried to Make boot tight as possible at end of the day to try to mold liner. Hurt. Cramped / uncomfortable. I guess no one is making their boot as tight as possible for a day right? Unless I'm completely wrong and this means I need a super wide boot or something.

So whether I go light or tight I still get cramping. The only time I don't notice it as much is at the end of the day after 5 hours when I've just dealt with it and also became numb to the sensation but not completely. I wish it were my legs that hurt over my feet because at least that would be easier to solve. *tear*

Anyway. Sorry for the wall of text. I'm in dire need of help and tried to be as detailed as possible. Hopefully a boot fitter can comment or a person that has had this issue. Thank you!

edit: I do get a weird pressure point on my right with the k2's compared to the left but it's my upper front leg towards tongue of boot. Not really related to foot. I also can't move my foot. Barley play piano with my toes. Someone said they doubt it's related to width...

arrrmaty 01-14-2013 03:18 PM

Sounds like you have a whole mess of issues. I used to fit boots for a couple years, so maybe I can help a little bit. One thing that you might consider that can cause some major issues is your bindings. A couple quick things that can cause cramping and pressure points from your bindings-

Forward Lean- A lot of times, especially if you are not use to it, having too much forward lean can cause your tendons and your arch to constrict. Check your forward lean settings and reduce them, maybe remove all forward lean so your highbacks are straight up, then see if that makes any difference.

Binding Straps- There are all kinds of different straps nowadays, some are wider and some are skinny and each kind can cause different pressure points depending on the shape of each persons foot. I have flat feet with virtually no arch on bottom, buy the top of my foot has a high arch. I find that a narrow strap fits way more comfortably over my ankle than a big fat/wide strap and reduces pressure for my foot shape. Check your straps and maybe strap your foot into some different ones and see if you feel any extra or reduced pressure from the different bindings

You can losen your boots, just like you tried, but then when you crank down your binding staps it almost negates your lose boots.

Also, a stiff boot will be more rigid and have less "give" and so may be causeing unecessary pressure points. Try a softer boot with more flex and see if that makes any difference.

For me, BOA's don't work very well with my foot shape and the placement of my ankle bones. I find the cable cuts into my ankle bones because of where they are positioned. Plus, a steel cable will not have any "give" so may not allow your feet to circulate properly and move with your foot/ankle. Try traditional laces.

Never wear more than one pair of socks as this often causes the circulation to be cut off to your feet. The best socks I have ever used are smartwool- they keep my feet warm, but never overheated and my feet always come out dry no matter what the weather and snow is like during the day.

Don't overtighten your liner, keep it snug, but not restrictive

Let me know if any of these things help and we'll go from there

jtg 01-14-2013 03:31 PM

I've gone through similar, and understand your frustration. There are a lot of potential causes of foot pain, and a lot of types of deformed feet, so my experience (or anyone else's) may not help much. Personally I have semi-flat feet, and most of my pain was coming from the balls of my foot. For what it's worth, I went from not being able to make it through a run without stopping multiple times due to foot pain, to having slight discomfort but it not really being an issue. Cat tracks on my toe side were pure agony. After doing all of the following, some combination of this led to improvement:

Superfeet inserts didn't help at all, tried them briefly, got rid of them.

Had custom footbeds made at a local ski shop. Cost was about $160, and I stood in some things I would describe as plastic memory foam. They used the impression to put a fiberglass insert into and take the shape. Tried them for one day, and it seemed like there may have been some improvement, but not nearly enough. Still couldn't get through runs without pain.

Returned to the shop, they shaved the footbeds a bit, and said the fronts of them seemed a little wrong. They also did some slight modifications to my boots in areas that I reported pressure.

In the same visit, I bought some new bindings that had some padding under the foot (I kinda doubt this was the issue, but mine were old/cheap anyway). People seemed to suggest bindings a lot, but I really doubt this is a major factor in cases like us, because you mention having pain in other activities such as working out.

Since then, I also have been take Ibuprofen before my first run. This helps with inflammation/swelling, but you should be aware of the health risks of doing this habitually: For Athletes, Risks From Ibuprofen Use -

The last few times out with the above formula let me have a good time. Another factor could have been just breaking my feet in more as well.

tl;dr - you're probably going to need to find a bootfitter that you can make multiple visits to, and who can make you footbeds

BurtonAvenger 01-14-2013 04:41 PM

Planar Fascitis? Or however it's spelled.

Broke your foot, dislocated your ankle, nerve damage, pins, plates, screws, slipping disks, circulation issues, etc. etc.?

Alines suck in my opinion. You probably need a real orthodic made by a real boot footer. Its more than likely not the boots at all it's the lack of support and correction of the problems you have.

dfischer 01-14-2013 08:49 PM

Thanks all. I had some custom footbeds made today. Cost $240 but they specialize in Ski/Snowboarding. Hopefully it'll help but I have an inkling feeling that I need a wider snowboard boot.

I'm returning my K2 Thraxis. I'm going to buy a pair of 32's, DC's, and Salomon (wides) and go from there.

Thirty-Two will be TM model. Salomon will be Synapse or Dialogue Wide, and DC will be Judge BOA.

Between the three I'll have three brands and 3 different types of laces and hopefully I'll be able to figure it out from there.

Thanks all. :)

snowklinger 01-15-2013 12:29 AM

The tm-two is a great boot imo :thumbsup:

dfischer 01-23-2013 07:46 PM

I have tried a K2 Thraxis and a DC Judge boot now. The Thraxis caused a lot of cramping no matter what I did. I ran with the DC Judge's today and felt cramping in my first run. On my second I tried to fiddle around and pay some serious attention to where it's hurting.

It hurts the most on any narrow lines. That means whenever I'm on one edge is when my foot starts cramping. I'm trying to figure out a reason for this. The biggest issue I see may be that my foot is pushing against the insole of my boot in order to stay on toe side or heel side. Toe side hurts the most and cramps the easiest.

Overall If I try to focus on relaxing my feet as much as possible and leaning into the tongue of my boot to go toeside I have less pain, although it's still there.

Another issue came up today and I noticed that as the day went on and got a little hot (SoCal) my feet were extremely sweaty in my socks and it felt slippery which was causing me to perform worse. However the boot is snug all around and my toes touch the tip so not sure why it feels slippery if it's snug but it does. Anyone else feel that?

I've tried boot size 12 on all of these. Someone suggested I go a size smaller but I don't see how that would be possible if I am touching the front with my big toe already and one or two more.

I ordered some Salmon Synapse Wide's as well but I didn't try them out at all because they come out about 1 1/2" on my toeside and I don't like the idea of having that much overhang and washing out.

I have some 32 Focus's coming in the mail and I'll compare that to the DC Judge's and pick from there.

So far it seems that a wider boot seems to be helping the cramps and less tension on the foot.

Anyone have some overall comments on my experience or suggestions of what else to try?

For sure not my bindings... if anyone suggests that.

P.s I got a custom footbed from Sure foot ($240. Ouch.). Doesn't seem like it's a magical cure and I can't tell if it's helping that much but my doctor told me I need a footbed to avoid lower back pain so I'll keep it in. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis.

lonerider 01-23-2013 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by dfischer (Post 625057)
P.s I got a custom footbed from Sure foot ($240. Ouch.). Doesn't seem like it's a magical cure and I can't tell if it's helping that much but my doctor told me I need a footbed to avoid lower back pain so I'll keep it in. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis.

I found Surefoot was better than stock... but not the best (BurtonAvenger is not a fan of them - he likes to call the "sorefoot")... I personally really like Sole Supports.

For plantar fasciitis... look for a foot doctor that has an EPAT machine, that things are completely changed my feet.

BurtonAvenger 01-23-2013 08:02 PM

Sounds like your boot is too fucking big.

dfischer 01-23-2013 08:28 PM

Burton Avenger...

My feet are size 12 on the foot measure thing.

If my big toe touches before the rest what am I supposed to do? I can't stuff it any further.

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