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Xxbsurfer4life1 01-15-2013 01:55 AM

Boot advise please
Hello guys i am new to the sport and i need to buy new boots for this weekend. Is going to be my second time in the snow, i am looking to buy burton ruler or hail. Which boot do you guys recomend i should get? If you guys recomend any other models beside those one please recommend.
I will really appreciate you guys help.

Mel M 01-16-2013 10:44 AM

Many people here will tell you wear the boot that fits best and your probably going to respond... THANKS CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!!

The thing is snowboard boots are also lot more demanding of fit then regular sneakers. I bought a Burton last year because it's a name that's ubiquitous to newbs and I thought I couldn't go wrong with it. Boy was I wrong! It was uncomfortable as hell and I was getting crazy heel lift if I wasn't cranking it down super tight, which led to a lot of foot pain. Nothing wrong with Burton, but it wasn't the right boot company for me. Other people swear by it.

For my second boot, I tried on over a dozen pairs and finally settled on Salomons. It was a perfect fit and not only did it make my riding 10x more comfortable, but I progressed my learning exponentially.

In short, don't stick to a brand... just listen to your feet.

NoOtherOptions 01-16-2013 12:00 PM

Why buy a Burton hail (a 250 dollar boot) if you are new to the sport? Go with the Moto with the speed laces. Much more reasonably priced. Then invest in some insoles, I ride Hail's myself (and love them) but I need to replace the insoles. Burton Hail's are a relatively soft boot and while they can definitely ride any terrain, the airbag setup is somewhat designed for park riding. Gear won't make you a better rider. Save the 100 bucks and go buy more lift tickets.

*edit* this is IF you are gung ho about Burton Boots. As mentioned there are plenty of great boots to be had.

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