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weipim 03-18-2010 04:05 PM

just received Burton SLX Boots!!
I agree that I must be out of my mind to pay a pair of boots for close to 300 bucks, although they were originally more than $500

any way, will take them up tomorrow along with my sierrascope and ride delta, let u guys know asap.
First Impressions:

Well, the main reason for me to buy these boots, is because I tried burton ION in my local shop and really liked them, however they only had half size bigger so I went online and try to spot something. I didn't hesitated too long when I see these boots on sierra, it's almost 300 bucks but what ever. So I received them yesterday and tried them on and walked in my place, to be honest it holds my feet pretty well. I have a narrowed heel so it does has small rooms on my heel, but after putting those yellow bars everything is fine. the toebox is a bit plus for me, it is just big enough to contain my toes, compared to k2 t1 ,which is another amazing pair of boots, the latter one is way too large for me. And also, for people who has a high arc, I think you guys will be just fine into those slx because I have a medium-high arc and they didn't let me feel uncomfortable.
That's almost all about fitting, now let's talk about the laces. it uses 2 burton famous speed zone lacing system, along with that yellow lock for liners, I am a traditional lace guy and always had a phobia with those easy going lacing system, I haven't taken them on the mountain so I couldn't tell how good they held up, but it is really easy to tight/release them once u know how to do it. While walking these boots feel pretty tight to my body, i guess that's a good thing. And the flex on a burton scale is like medium I guess.

Overall they are comfy and impressive, but I couldn't picture myself to pay the 500 msrp full price for it, even for the price I paid I still think there is a lack of satisfaction somewhere. I guess I have to take them up to the mountain to see how they really perform. And the construction feels less elegant than the ION i tried. both pairs are 2010 models.

Again, i'll take them tomorrow to the mountain and let's see how things goes.

weipim 03-19-2010 10:56 AM


tekniq33 03-19-2010 11:51 AM

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I got them for around that price as well. No way could I pay more for boots than a board. Picked up SLX over Ion because of the prewired heating system. My feet get so damn cold that was a must have.

weipim 03-22-2010 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by tekniq33 (Post 276573)
I got them for around that price as well. No way could I pay more for boots than a board. Picked up SLX over Ion because of the prewired heating system. My feet get so damn cold that was a must have.

ha good to see someone with the same boots,

dude it's funny but I think these boots does not keep me warm at all, unlike my hail in like 22 degree I still feel well isolated, but for the slx the wind just keep blowing in from the top part of the boot.

and by the way, what does prewired heating system actually do and how to make it work though ?


imsoprfct 03-22-2010 04:14 PM

Got the same boots, love them, but I am in agreeance and would not pay full price, got last years model when they popped up on Brociety. I had the DC Status before and those were a struggle to get out of, these are so much easier to get in and out of and are much softer. My only complaint is that the fast lace handles sometimes get loose from their holders, other than that, they are really comfortable.

They are prewired to work with the Therm-IC heat packs that were available from Burton, I picked them up from Sierra Snowboard for $40 on clearance, why not since I never had heated boots before and seems like a good idea on cold days. The heat packs come with the cords that plug into the connector and clip onto the front of the boot on the tongue. They have 3 settings and are rechargeable which is nice, but they only heat up the toe box, they do not heat the entire lining, but do as advertise and keep the front part of the boot nice and warm for a couple of hours, definitely notice the difference it on the ride up esp when it's cold, every little bit helps when it's cold out.

15 days of riding and they are still going strong, would definitely get another pair but not at full price.

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