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Sassicaia 03-27-2012 01:08 AM

Review: 2013 Burton Mystery

There is absolutely nothing written that I can find about the "current" Burton Mystery let alone the 2013 version. I had the chance to pick up this week, and ride hard for two days at Whistler/Blackcomb. The board is so scarce that when I did a search on google the only picture I saw was one I posted a couple of days ago after picking it up. To make a long story short I saw the board at a sample sale and got a deal on it that was too good to pass up in my books. When I saw the current version of the Mystery something about it had such a cool factor to me, but the retail price of $1749 was simply to high, so when I saw a deal I jumped on it. Is the board worth it? To me yes, but dollar for dollar and in terms of "value' probably not.

First some facts:

-The Burton Mystery released this year was made in the new Craig Kelly R&D factory. Only 250 were made, and for 2013 its slated to replace the method board (its a guess and rumor). A quick look at the Burton site (canadian) has the Method priced at $1749, which is the same retail as the Mystery.

-Nothing Has changed from the 250 "prototypes" made this year vs what will be release next season aside from the graphics. That is according to the local Burton rep. Who knows because not even he knows whats used to make the board hence the "Mystery" name.

-Its claimed to be the lightest snowbaord ever made. I have no way of confirming that, but Fck is it ever light. Seriously the only weight I could feel on it was the bindings.

- Its directional and a blend of rocker and camber.

-Per the Burton site:
"Our lightest core ever, Ultrafly introduces an engineered design that revolutionizes the strength-to-weight and performance achievable with a wood core construction. Exclusive to the NEW Mystery, Method, and Vapor™

"The secret to speed is TeflonŽ—quite possibly earth’s slickest substance. Highly durable and low-maintenance, Methlon creates blistering speed that lasts all season. Exclusive to the NEW Mystery and Method."

"NEW Mystery Construction"
NEW Mystery Glass"

Set Up

The board comes in a 155cm and 158, and I bought the 158. Sadly the only bindings I have to put on are the Burton customs, but as soon as they are out next year ill likely be putting on the new Burton Genesis bindings. They were mounted 15+/15-. I used the factory wax and made no mods at all.


Feel is 5 out of 10

Rider Stats:
6 feet
Boot size 11

I am absolutely not qualified to write a board review of any kind, so you should look at the pics, read the stats and skip everything else I write. I have no business owning this board let alone giving an opinion about it. I have been riding for 1.5 years (skied for 23) BUT I have been up riding 50+ times this season. This is only the 3rd board I've had a chance to ride and the one previous was the Burton Process Flying V which is the entry level board in the same series as the Mystery.


current year or previous design:

Pictures of Whistler the days I was out:
Fresh groomed runs, 3-4 feet of new snow a few days prior.


At the risk of sounding a like I have no idea what im talking about (and I dont) Im going to keep this short and to the point. This board is FUN to ride! I cant say if lighter equals better, and im sure to a point it does, but to another point it has the opposite effect, but I immediately felt more control with the board, and I was making all sorts of transitions with much more ease then I would in the past. I was "feeling" what was under me much more. This is not to say the board is softer which translates whats under my feet, but more the board seemed to communicate well with what was going on below. I have to admit that because of the conditions there was not as much variance in the runs so I cant say if this effect could be negative in some situations, but on machine groomed runs and some slightly ice patches I personally really liked what I was feeling.

Aside from the weight of the board its really a good "all around" board not giving me the feeling that it should be used for one thing, but not another. This could be due to my inexperience, but on the other hand the board is designed for that type of riding, and I have the luxury of riding in some serious deep POW (banff, whistler) and get hit with a bit of everything at my local hills, so ill certainly be able to throw everything at it.

I had Alpine Reply giving me feedback on the day and had a top speed of 67kph (41 miles). Board is certainly faster then my process and my previous DC tone board which is a welcome bonus.

Aside from the price I cant find a negative about the board yet, but I would say thats probably due to the fact I dont know how to review a board, and havent experience enough differences in boards. I'm sure there are a ton of reason why having a light board isnt good for some things, but as someone who just hits the hills to bomb around, and not take things to seriously it certainly adds to the fun.

What else should I write or look out for when im riding it? Any feedback would be great.

handscreate 03-27-2012 01:55 AM

Interesting that the graphic is almost exactly the same as the 2010 Flying-V Burton Flying V LTD Snowboard 2010 - Sold Out | Snowboards & Skate Deck Shop | ProductWiki: Burton Flying V (2010) - SnowboardsSounds interesting, but $1749 is way out of my league for any board.

gprider_capita 03-27-2012 06:31 PM

I rode the board with some 2013 malavitas in a demo and i was not impressed at my hill. I'm sure if I was riding some serious powder it would have been a lot better though.

poutanen 03-27-2012 07:25 PM

:eek: that's some good board porn there... What kind of deal did you end up getting anyway? I've been lucky getting my old T6 and current T7 at 50% off each spring.

Sassicaia 03-27-2012 07:33 PM

I got it for 50% off. I have a feeling I'll be liking his board for a long time. I have two others but so far it's just so fun I'd have a hard to going to one of my others. I'm sure we will see more reviews when it becomes more standard in their line up

Sassicaia 03-27-2012 09:52 PM

I may update this review just for shitz as I get a chance to ride the board more. This Thursday I'll be riding pow at sunshine village or lake Louis in banff.

poutanen 03-27-2012 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by Sassicaia (Post 499108)
I may update this review just for shitz as I get a chance to ride the board more. This Thursday I'll be riding pow at sunshine village or lake Louis in banff.

Looking at the forecast it looks like you'll have better luck at the Lake. Calling for some rain at Sunshine. Man I should take the day off and meet you there just to see the thing! :laugh:

Sassicaia 03-27-2012 11:06 PM


Originally Posted by poutanen (Post 499128)
Looking at the forecast it looks like you'll have better luck at the Lake. Calling for some rain at Sunshine. Man I should take the day off and meet you there just to see the thing! :laugh:

It's strange cuz it says rain, but if you look at the temp it says a high a high of -1. How could it rain?! Oh well im in town to work and relying on my local rep to take me to which ever is best. Personally I'd like to go to castle.

Sassicaia 03-30-2012 07:25 PM

Well i lucked out in Banff yesterday and had 6cm of new snow on top of a great base at Sunshine Village. No rain. To make matters better there were no wait times at any of the lifts. Saaweet.

I am beginning to think my other boards are not longer going to get any hill fact im going to sell my Process tonight. The more I ride this thing the more I love it. It rides like a sports car. Light, tight and FAST! This board is super fast. Its really interesting to test the speed of it against another board with the same shape from the same series and apx the same size (my Process). I'm guessing it has more to do with the teflon type finish on the bottom then the weight of the board, but I could be wrong on both accounts. Im trying to find something about it I dont like and I cant. I guess if pressed I would have to say that because of it responsiveness perhaps it would not be the best choice for a beginner. Im looking forward to hear other peoples thoughts when this comes available, or if people find good deals on the current version.

Out of curiosity im going to weigh it against the Process tonight to see the difference. Both are pretty much the same size (Mystery 1cm bigger), and both are the same shape more or less so it will be interesting.

Sassicaia 03-30-2012 09:08 PM

5.38 lbs 158 cm

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