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tokyo_dom 01-29-2014 09:18 AM

WTB: Sandbox classic ear pads
Just thought I would try to put this out there. Seems most people use their Sandbox helmets with beanies under them, and take off the earpads. So there might be a few spares lying around somewhere:dunno:

I want to muck around and modify my sandbox earpads to take drop-in speakers, but would rather do it with the confidence that i have a spare set to go to if i fail.

Sandbox has them listed on their site at CAD$9.95, about USD$9, but they are out of stock. I'll pay USD$10 for them, plus postage to my buddy in Hawaii, or here to Japan depending on how much that will cost

Anybody got a spare set lying around?

61ragtop 01-30-2014 11:24 PM

Try emailing sandbox, Kev is an awesome guy and might have some samples or extras layin around. worth a try....

tokyo_dom 02-04-2014 08:21 PM

Thanks, it turns out they do have some in stock... But now my dilemma is that they said they will also be dropping audio compatible earpads next season; that will work with existing helmets.

Damn. Do i wait to get a proper made audio earpad, or go custom now? (chances are if i do custom now, i wont want to spend more on proper ones down the track)

tokyo_dom 02-11-2014 10:36 PM

For those who are still following at home, this is what i ended up doing: Having heard that Sandbox still had some in stock gave me the confidence to get to work on my existing pads.

The stitching at the top of the earpads (right in the middle) is all that is holding the inner and outer layers together; cutting that allowed me to get enough of a gap to slide through some super thin on-ear earphones ( It would have required taking off the entire stitching in order to drop in anything much bigger than that, and it might end up putting a fair bit of pressure on your ears. As it is, these managed to fit on the outside of the padding, so i didnt lose any 'ear space'. These are wired headphones, so for now i just routed the wires under the fitment pads and out of the back of the helmet.

Sound is... Ok... These earphones are designed to be right up against your ear, and with the current configuration they are behind the padding and around 1cm from my ears. Its not super loud, and not much bass... BUT i can hold a conversation with the music going, and i can hear virtually everything around me, which is *exactly* what i wanted. I am now looking for a bluetooth adapter (like the Outdoor Technologies Adapt unit) to complete it all. Though i may just go with this as it is until next season when Sandbox releases the drop-in audio friendly pads.

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