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nathan83567 04-21-2014 07:06 PM

Ruroc Starwar supercool outdoor helmet
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This is the brand new helmet. All the accessories are showed in the pictures. Note: it goes with GoPro mount, removable visor, all-day condition goggle and Iridescent Orange Lens.
You can wear it WITHOUT goggle and mask or just WITHOUT mask. Also, you can put on other goggles.
It is originally designed for ski or snowboard, but I think it is good to go with any activities which need helmets!

Brand: Ruroc
MOD:RG1-X Nova (Arctic White / Nova Orange)
Size: M/L 22.44 inc---24.01 inc / 57cm---61cm
Official price: $350 (plus tax and shipping fee)
My price:$288

The RG-1X
New for the 2013/14 season

Every RG1-X System is supplied with the following items:

RG1-X Helmet - complete with RG1-X Visor*
High Quality ‘Full-Field‘ HG-1 Goggles**
Snap-in mask
Additional colour matched iridescent lenses - yes that‘s an extra lens in the box.
Ruroc Goggle bag - of course..
All supplied in protective packaging with keyring.

Ruroc's Antifog Technology
The Ruroc AeroFlow system keeps your head cool, your face warm and your goggles mist free! Our unique Helmet, Goggle and Mask combine to keep the weather out and help ventilate excess heat away.

Materials - High Impact ABS Outer Shell and EPS Liner with comfort padding for optimum fit.

Certification: EN 1077 and ASTM F2040

Please check the size carefully. No return due to size and color.

Free shipping in domestic US

Here the ebay link:

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Kevin137 04-22-2014 06:30 AM

Ruroc : Please Select Your Region

That's there website, and they have a 40% off sale this weekend 26th-27th April using the code FF40CS

Personally, although they are a british company, i would not go near them, heard so many terror stories about there warranty being non existent, and that is from people and stores alike...

They are also not very comfortable for a lot of people around the mouth, but again that is subjective, and something you really need to try on...

I would also say that removing the goggles are not an easy task with gloves on, try it for yourself, they will soon prove to be very annoying...

And they are very very cheaply made plastic, i would not trust, my head in them... Under any circumstances, so unless they have upped there game in the last 6 months, not something i would want...

nathan83567 04-22-2014 07:17 AM

You must misunderstand the 40% off is not for white one any more. That's for black one. Please check again.:laugh:
I wearing mine go to ski. I think it is good and comfortable. The goggle is easy to adjust and mask is easy to remove. Just check the size carefully if you want to buy it.
I believe the material is as similar as Giro helmet. The helmet has a "High Impact" ABS shell, an EPS liner, and is extremely light just a little bit more than 2 lbs.

Argo 04-22-2014 07:22 AM

Being older and seeing star wars, the original ones, in the theaters, I actually get a little happy when I see people wearing these things. I would not buy them unless thou just think they look cool though. That face guard won't do shit, if you want function in a face guard get a giro remedy helmet for DH mountain biking.

I think these helmets are kinda fun....

mojo maestro 04-22-2014 07:26 AM

That's way to much $ fer a one impact lid.

Kevin137 04-22-2014 08:13 AM

I tried one and have seen the returns in the UK due to how badly they used to be made, maybe they improved this season, and yes they do look cool, but i don't think they are something for the masses...

Oh and sorry to hijack a for sale thread, but being a UK company, they SUCK... Hehe

I don't get the point of them and appreciate it is down to personal taste, but they are pretty useless with any other goggle as well...!!! Especially when used with the chin guard if that is what you wanna call it... Very flimsy, maybe it will stop a little wind, but apart from that has no use whatsoever...

linvillegorge 04-22-2014 08:48 AM

This has not gone well thusfar.

nathan83567 04-22-2014 08:56 AM

Thank you for your advice. Seems like you don't like that company dude. But from my point, I like them I think it is function and doing well to me. There is a big space between mask and your mouth, and it won't move after you put it on. So it works. Moreover, for smokers, removealbe mask definitely gives them a big convenience. Thousand people have thousand opinions. Accept it and understand.

Kevin137 04-22-2014 09:31 AM

I do accept it, for that sort of money i would expect a lot more though, like Carbon...

It is what it is, i looked long and hard for a helmet that was good for what i do, and if you have ever seen one of these after an impact you would understand...

I have a friend who owns a store, and they used to supply these, and they had nothing but nightmares with broken parts, clips etc, and the company would never replace them...

They may of changed as i said before, but once bitten twice shy... ;)

nathan83567 04-22-2014 10:27 AM

Yes, for the part things, I would like to say you can just buy them on their web. What I believe is that you can not easily crash your helmet, even other brands. Actually, it is very rarely see that since I start to snowboard.
The point people like it is due to its integrality and cool design. I believe most are young people.
I had been to killington this spring. People told me more and more people start to choose this helmet in that area now. And after I talked to them they made my mind to try it. I worn it to play tricks and jump. fall down a couple times I think it is good. But I got what you say and kinda like to discuss with you, lol.
Thank you for your advice again.:yahoo:

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