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highme 05-18-2014 07:06 PM

FS: BCA Stash BC pack - Burton T6 163w (will be adding more)
I'm headed to Japan next winter and am currently in "sell gear I don't need to help pay for the plane ticket" mode.

First up is a BCA Stash BC pack 20L (I think that's the size). I impulse bought this off of ebay when I started acquiring gear for the trip since I didn't have a decent riding pack. Since then I've decided to get something a little bigger, so it needs to go. Aside from one small dot of a stain/mark (in 2nd pic) it's in perfect condition. It's a pretty solid pack with all features you'd expect in a technical winter pack. I'd like $65 shipped for it. If you're in Portland, OR, I'll drop it to $50 so I don't have to deal with shipping, paypal etc.
Gallery on Imgur with the rest of the photos --> BCA Stash OB 20L backpack - Imgur

I also have a 2006 Burton T6 in a 163W for $100 plus shipping I'll do $80 local on this as well. I picked this and a Rome Flag up towards the end of the season because I wanted a full cambered board for charging groomers, but realized I only need one of those in the quiver and I like the Rome better. It's in good shape aside from a crack in the top layer of top sheet across the nose. I don't think it effects the ride at all, but full disclosure and all that.
Imgur Album -- > Burton T6 163W - Imgur (crack is shown in last photo)

highme 08-10-2014 05:43 PM

Just stopping by to do some looking through the forum and thought I'd do a little necromancy work on this thread.

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