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camosunsnowboar 03-18-2011 03:02 PM

FOR SALE: 2011 Stepchild Joe Sexton Pro 150
So after playing around with this board a little this season I'm looking to sell it before the summer rolls around. FOR SALE!

kayin 03-18-2011 05:21 PM

i have a capita horrorscope fk 149 that i could trade you..although the shipping to and from canada might make it a bit more expensive for both of us...

camosunsnowboar 03-18-2011 06:11 PM

I'm in BC. PM me some pics of the board.

Still looking, if anyone has something in a 151 or 152 I'd be interested as well.

camosunsnowboar 03-22-2011 04:55 PM


camosunsnowboar 03-25-2011 09:51 PM

bump..for sale now with goodies!

camosunsnowboar 03-26-2011 08:39 PM

bump got tons of outerwear NWT I'd throw in for cheap to sweeten the deal

camosunsnowboar 03-28-2011 12:51 AM

bump to the top...

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