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Loricybin 11-21-2009 04:19 PM

Fashion Based Elitism in Riding Culture
There was, to some extent, a thread already about this- but it was poorly worded, tactless, and did little towards establishing a coherent point..

There seems to be a great deal of attention and pressure in snowboarding culture which revolves around the styles of clothing and accessories one wears. I understand that it is possible to ignore this, but it exists either way and that fact bugs me. Of course, not everyone does it, but I believe it's happening and I decided to bring it up.

Now I suppose that due to the nature of the sport (no pun intended) a large degree of the fashion has to do with blending style and equipment functionality. Is it about being "in tune" with what the hot new gear is? Does the fact that one "knows" to posses these things display to the other riders that he/she is "one of them"? I see people on the hill of both sexes who have obviously spent a great deal of time on their entire outfits.. pant styles, jackets, goggles, beanies, headphones, color coordination, etc..

There seems to be a great deal of weight placed in conformity rather than actual expression, which I perceive as an attempt for some to display that they "belong" on the hill; that they have that elite snow fashion sense. I believe this causes those riders to be perceived under a different light and a kind of prejudice develops towards people without said snazziness.

Another observation I must point out is the frequency of this mentality in the park. It seems rampant there.

Well, I am willing to bet that I'm generalizing too heavily, and may in fact be simply judging others and proving myself hypocritical. Still, I know what I've felt and witnessed, and I know that there is truth in my words, which is good enough for me.

So, do you agree? Disagree? Why?
What are your thoughts, experiences, and insights on snow fashion elitism?

Flick Montana 11-21-2009 05:09 PM

My honest impression is that your post actually comes off a little elitist. :dunno: :laugh:

Really, I don't notice other people's clothes on the mountain too much. Most people dress like lunatics, but I think that's what I love about snowboarding fashion. You can wear stuff on the mountain you would never wear anywhere else. I've never had anyone mention anything to me about my clothes except my DK boots, which are just crazy looking so I understand.

I don't know crap about trends, though. So I guess I really can't comment on people trying to be trendy. I don't follow fashion, I just wear what I like.

zk0ot 11-21-2009 06:10 PM

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for sure snowboarding seems to havw taken a big leap into fasion land. but when hasnt it been that way? what about the neon gaper colors with that started with skiers? to the the more grungey look with shawn palmer? theres always a latest fasion thats the in thing. Now its something that catches your attention.
I see it all the time where someone may have thrown down 500 on outerwear but theyre i see theyre out trying to 180 a mountain dew bottle?? just luagh it off and remeber when you rode in jeans.

kids like that lose that attitude when they see you lay down something sick. what can you do about it? make a thread on some internet forum?
go out and buy some snazziness join the fun.

NZ_Josh 11-21-2009 06:12 PM

Definately super prevalent around this side of the world - And more so in the park. I think this is due to a younger (these are generalisations.) Crowd in the park than the backcountry and generally this crowd is more concerned with what they look like while snowboarding. In a way I think it is part of kinda fitting in with that scene and not getting ragged on for wearing some bogus shit.

Most of these style evolved from skate styles. Really baggy clothes were popular on skateboards before snowboards and same with super tight stuff. I think also that a good percentage of these skaters would board so they kinda cross that style over into there snow sliding.

I also think that this is a type of expression. Yeah maybe people don't wear the wildest s*hit but for most neon clothes are what they usually wear. Personally I spend a bit of time on sorting my riding outfits because personally if im comfortable and feel good about what I'm riding in then this shows through in my boarding - It looks and feels much smoother and I find it easier to progress.

RallyBowls 11-21-2009 06:41 PM

dude fashion in snowboarding has absolutely nothing to do with snowboarding and everything to do with fashion. your best bet- steer clear from park-oriented resorts like Northstar etc and you'll realize that people focus a lot more on riding and a lot less on fashion.

sook 11-21-2009 08:08 PM

The same is true for practially every sport there is. I skate, surf and snowboard and in each of those, the fashion industry probably comprises a majority of the revenue that sport generates. Its both a good thing and bad thing. It give the sport a culture, but at the same time, it allows for the kind of elitism and poserism that you are referring to. It bugs me too, but I'd rather live with the bullshit attitude than live without the advancements to the sport that all those fashion-first airhead's money brings to the sport I love. Fact is, I probably have warmer clothes and better optics on my googles because of all the posers pumping money into my favorite brands

As for me, I'd rock a hot pink snow jacket and cut-off shorts if it could make me jib better.

NZ_Josh 11-22-2009 01:38 AM


Originally Posted by sook (Post 208221)
As for me, I'd rock a hot pink snow jacket and cut-off shorts if it could make me jib better.

Talked to heaps of mates who are NZs best boarders and we all agree that riding in clothes that you feel comfortable in will make you ride better .

sook 11-22-2009 02:38 AM


Originally Posted by NZ_Josh (Post 208325)
Talked to heaps of mates who are NZs best boarders and we all agree that riding in clothes that you feel comfortable in will make you ride better .

Banana hammock for me then, mate ;)

NZ_Josh 11-22-2009 03:03 AM

Will buy you a beer if you show me a picture of you riding at your local with a pair of budgy smugglers.

sook 11-22-2009 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by NZ_Josh (Post 208335)
Will buy you a beer if you show me a picture of you riding at your local with a pair of budgy smugglers.

If you could generate some better snow conditions over here, you'd owe me a beer ;)

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