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Read this guys, pretty sad and the kid was wearing a helmet at the park. Rumor is he landed on his neck but I guess we'll never actually know.

Teen dies after fall at Uxbridge ski resort -
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Got a Smith Holt audio last year. Lightweight and great fit. Not sure why it took so long for me to get one......been riding for about 16-17 years.
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I got a concussion not wearing a helmet about 12 years ago and have worn a helmet every since. Even if that had not happened to me I would still wear a helmet for three reasons:

1) First and foremost, I have children and need to set a good example for them and not get hurt so that I can be there for them.

2) My wife is a doctor and after working emergency room covering trauma (during her residency) she emphatically will tell anyone who asks that she would NEVER ski/board without a helmet (or ride a motorcycle under any condition). She is not an alarmist at all but has seen first hand the effects of head injuries and the ability to try to protect oneself by putting on a helmet is so easy.

3) No matter how good of a rider you are, stuff happens (that is why they are called accidents). It can be another rider, tree stump or rock you don't see when conditions are poor, etc.. that creates a bad situation.

I don't pass judgement and folks can do what they want but I am surprised that helmets are not mandatory on all mountains and believe they will be.
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I never wanted or felt the need to wear a helmet son and I went on a MLK weekend trip to Camelback in PA. Last run on Sunday night (blue ice run) I washed out and it happened so fast I couldn't have braced myself if I wanted to. Long story short, I immediately knew I had a concussion, a mild concussion but a concussion none the less. And to add insult to injury, a separated shoulder. Needless to say I'll be getting a helmet. I love riding to much to risk taking myself out of the sport.
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This is my very first season. I bought a helmet and wear it on the bunny hill. There are a few reasons.

My daughter is 7. She is in her second ski season. I make her wear a helmet, and I try very hard not to be a hypocrite. So if I want her to wear one and think its cool I need to wear one. She has a seperate helmet for her biking, skating, scootering. It is my job to protect her...and if that means me putting on a helmet with her then so be it.

I am a mom. I can not risk not being there for her as she grows up. So if I am going to do something risky I need to take every precaution I can.

Last weekend I had a nasty fall that involved flipping several times and tumling. It was scary. Even more scary was how bad my head hurt and how dizzy I was after hitting my head. I was on any icy bunny hill...not like I was out there on a diamond run.

My husband does not wear a helmet. He never has. Been boarding for 20 years, and on skis before that. I don't nag him. It is his life. I have told him I would prefer that he wear one, but I left it at that. I am not his mother. It is a choice. I can think your choice is stupid all I want...but I am not going to advocate taking that choice away from you.

I DO think it is pretty damn stupid to sit there and say that you are never going to have an accident because you can control all the things that cause accidents. Obviously you have already sustained some sort of brain damage if you really think that. Kind of like someone saying they dont need a condom with a hooker because they can totally tell that the chick is clean....and can totally pull out so there is no way she can get knocked up. It is the shit you dont see that can kill you.
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I was on the chairlift today and we saw a guy in the park below fall on a steep rail. He wasn't wearing a helmet in his head was this close () to hitting the rail- just barely missed.

That was one lucky guy. But had his head just been an inch to his right, it would have been lights out for him.

I have personally taken multiple falls and slammed my head hard. The worst was on solid ice and even with the helmet on properly, it was still painful and I had to sit there for a while before I felt ok to get going again. Just a hour earlier, before I went in for lunch, I had been riding around with only a beanie since I has been hesitant to wear my helmet. All I was thinking was that if I hadn't chosen to wear my helmet it would be very likely that I might not be here now. Always been wearing one when snowboarding since that incident, and it has saved me from many other impacts.

jennifer was exactly right- I've only hit my head hard when I've least expected it. I don't have to worry so much about it though by wearing a helmet. A friend of mine told me he's going to try snowboarding for the first time next week. After telling him about the recent death of that girl in MI and some of my own experiences I told him, "whatever you do, wear a helmet. It doesn't matter if you rent or buy one, just make sure you wear a helmet." Thankfully he completely agreed, because he actually cares about making a ridiculously simple and harmless decision to dramatically increase his protection and decrease his chances of long-term injury.

Recently I've honestly been seeing more people wearing helmets that I do not wearing helmets. Just a few years ago it was the other way around, but now most people seem to actually care about preventing brain damage. This only shows that people no longer give a shit about looking a little more bulky on the head, and don't give a crap if they see someone else wearing them.

One additional thing I like about my helmet is that I've rigged an audio system in the ear pads. One could suggest headphones instead, but I once saw a guy whose headphones fell off after landing a jump. Because mine are inside the helmet, they can't fall off when riding.

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Originally Posted by conspiracy View Post
like iv said b4. try smith maze. they are sooo light and comfy and my ears stay warm

This is what I have. I like it ok I guess. It is way different feeling than wearing a beanie. They are really light and comfy though. Only thing I don't like, when going super fast it is really loud with whistling sounds coming through my helmet. Kind of annoying but I can deal.
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Helmets are warm and comfortable, just find the right one. I never used to wear one and was always skeptical of wether they'd be warm enough or useful... But i now fully appreciate it. I hit my head on a rail this year (wearing a helmet) and got hit by a stray ski. Better safe than sorry and tbh some of the designs look pretty cool. Warm as hell even in -10 Celcius + windchill i was warm and toasty, built in headphones are way better than having earbuds in too, my ears used to be in agony from wearing earbuds+hat all day.

the question 'how much do you value your life' comes to mind.

I found it helped make me somewhat braver too.
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Originally Posted by that1guy View Post
This is what I have. I like it ok I guess. It is way different feeling than wearing a beanie. They are really light and comfy though. Only thing I don't like, when going super fast it is really loud with whistling sounds coming through my helmet. Kind of annoying but I can deal.
I dont get that at all. Mine fits perfectly and there are no gaps for wind :3
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I'd love to ride without a helmet. Feels better. Looks cooler. Like the original poster said, "Its FREEDOM!!!!" However seeing as how I ride the Ice Coast, how i've been run into from behind, how I've been tripped up by the mysterious rock that looked like a piece of snow or twig/grass pertruding from a thin area that I didn't notice causing me to slam backwards to the ground I will FOREVER wear a helmet.
Falls can happen anytime and I would like to be able to return home to my wife in the same condition I left.
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