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Deacon 07-29-2013 12:18 PM

Thule Snowcat
I searched, and could only find a roof rack thread on the yakima, anybody here use the Snowcat? Seems like a nice rack and I'm gonna have a ton of boards/skis to haul this upcoming season, a couple times a week.

Kevin137 07-29-2013 12:36 PM

Thule is a Swedish company that is very big over here in Europe, most people use boxes though as they are lockable and you cannot see what is in them...

Not too sure what availability you have over there, but something that hooks into the central locking is awesome as you don't need keys and can't forget to lock them...

The other advantage is the extras you can put in them, as they are watertight, and as the roads get slushy etc, you don't get dirty gear...

Not so sure if i would use the locks without it being a box for security reasons, i know they still lock, but everything is on show...

ekb18c 07-29-2013 12:50 PM

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I just bought the snowcat and so far it seems to be a legit rack. I was thinking about buying a box for my car but then realized that I would have to spend some money on a cross bars and then more money on the actual box.

The snowcat only cost me $200 since I have factory installed sidebars and doesn't require cross bars to be installed. Win!

It only holds up to 4 boards. I think it can hold up to 6 ski as well.

LuckyRVA 07-29-2013 01:30 PM

I bought one used from another member here a few months ago. Finally got around to test fitting it a few weeks ago. It seems to be pretty decent quality. There's no additional wind noise even at highway speed. Although, I haven't gotten around to driving with any boards attached.

I was debating on whether to go with the Snowcat or buying the cross bars and snowboard attachment but decided to just go with the Snowcat as I don't need to lug anything else on the roof other than me and my friends boards and skis.

slyder 07-29-2013 03:09 PM

I'm happy with my Yakima its been solid for 4 years of use usually hauling 4 boards.
There was a thread a out a snow cat fail but I can't recall if it was user error ill try to find the thread for ya

slyder 07-29-2013 03:14 PM

Try this thread I'm on my phone hard to navigate ...
rack fell off

LuckyRVA 07-29-2013 03:26 PM

Just links to the main forum page

Kevin137 07-29-2013 03:29 PM

Deacon 07-29-2013 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by Kevin137 (Post 1018377)

yeah, that kid's just hooked in his window, my Yukon XL has a factory roof rack, should be way more secure. I hope....

LuckyRVA 07-29-2013 03:52 PM

While that is a Thule rack, it's not the Snowcat rack The Deacon is talking about. The Snowcat is a snowboard rack that doesn't require crossbars. It has locking latches on both ends that lock on to the factory roof rack.

Looks like this...

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