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cav0011 02-26-2014 06:05 PM

Echelon Killbox / ghillie hoodie
So I decided to give the killbox a chance. I am a little different then the usual customer for it though. I wear size 13 boots and wiegh 210 lbs. I got it to be a jibboard and got the 152.
One fun thing about the board is the sidewalls are two different colors (one side is blue the other is yellow) Also the text from full metal jacket is good for a quick laugh.

The Ghillie Hoodie I got in size XL.

I will update this thread as I ride it, thus far I have only carpet surfed on it for a few minutes and tried on the hoodie to see if it fit.

So I rode it today, the conditions were wet snow coming down and some crusty stuff below that.

I would describe the ride as "loose" the Killbox really feels like riding a skateboard on the snow. The board has basically zero dampness to it and when you go through hard chopped up stuff it lets you know you are an idiot. On groomed areas the board was a ton of fun, if you cant butter this board you are pretty hopeless. I found myself over rotating everything on it for the first hour or so, once I got used to the tinyness and the board shape i cleaned it up but it was easy to over rotate anyhow.

The board is definitely soft for me, i fell are few times early on partly because of the flex but mostly because of the board length compared to my height makes it really easy to throw my weight past the board and have it slip out.

Overall I think the board is a lot of fun, if I was just jibbing around and hitting park stuff all day it would definitely bring it. I however would not use it for a daily driver out here in Utah. The board is also a joy to ollie, the place where it wants to boost you is basically perfect for me and took no getting used to.

Ok so I have used other waterproof hoodies in the past (neff, Analog ATF, Homeschool) The big difference I notices with this one is water definately gets "in" it, however it doesnt go through it. So the hoodie looks wet and feels wet on the outside but hte inside is perfectly warm and toastie. The hood is large enough to fit over a helment if you choose to, and the facemask is well thought out. When you dont want the facemask up you can also kinda fold it inside so that it doesnt show as much. The zippers on the kangaroo pouch seem flimsy but did the job.

Bottom line, if you live in a mild enviornment the hoodie makes a good jacket, if you live colder its a solid layering tool.

tokyo_dom 02-26-2014 06:16 PM

What year killbox is this? Is this the one with Duck hunt onthe top sheet and the Nintendo-esque logo on the bottom? I am so in love with that deck, trying to work out a way to get it here in Japan.

And are they selling the Ghillie already? Sweet!

cav0011 02-26-2014 06:45 PM

Yeah its the duckhunt one. Ill post some pic's of it.
I think I might have one of the first hoodies (online contest thing), If you call them they might be able to hook you up though.

EchelonSnow 09-18-2014 12:50 AM


Originally Posted by cav0011 (Post 1574833)
Yeah its the duckhunt one. Ill post some pic's of it.
I think I might have one of the first hoodies (online contest thing), If you call them they might be able to hook you up though.

You do! The newer zippers are WAY better than the proto you have. The proto just used standard zips, the productions have NKK Plastic Molded #8's (I think, it's late :))

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