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bebop_monk 01-02-2012 02:41 AM

Review: Yes Great Beauties 155
First off, let me say that I haven't ridden a ton of boards like some of the other reviewers on this site, but considering there is a dearth of information on Yes boards, I decided to add my 2 cents.

All of my previous boards have been camber, and the only rocker board I've tried is my friends Ride Machete. I wanted something that would be a bit more versatile than a regular camber board (IE, ride powder in addition to all mountain), but did not like how a full rockered board felt. My friend said he loved camrock on his Yes Optimistic, and recommended I look into their boards, which I did. Reading a lot of positive reviews, I headed down to my LBS to grab a new board.

I originally went into my LBS to purchase the Yes Big City, but since they didn't have the size I wanted, I went with my second option, the Yes Great Beauties. It has received favorable reviews all across the board, and this deck definitely lives up to the hype.

Rider stats: 5'8Ē 185lbs, 8+ years riding (off and on, last season is when I really got back into it), regular, 12 mirrored. Currently using Union Flites*.

Groomers: Wow, what a blast. This has Yes' fastest base, and it feels like it. The first few runs on it I was actually a little scared because of how much faster it was than any other board I've ridden, and with its serrated edges, it carves quickly and gives good traction on icy sections. Groomers usually aren't my thing, but damn does this board make them fun!

Powder: Given the lack of snow, I can't really comment on how it handles in the deep stuff, but in the small 6Ē storm we had, it was a huge improvement over camber. Instead of feeling like I was doing a tailpress all the way down, just a slight shift to back foot and it floated beautifully. I can't wait for a legit pow day to see how she really handles.

Turn Initiation: Super quick edge to edge, and I really like the Asym sidecut. While not a necessity, I would definitely pay extra for this tech on my future boards, it makes riding switch a lot easier for me. I've done a few tree runs with her and it is a complete blast! It def has a bit of a surfy feel to it, which I really enjoy.

Speed: As I said, this thing hauls. I have to do long sweeping turns in slow areas because of how quick this thing gains speed. Itís quite convenient for any time you have to traverse a flat section.

Edge Hold: It has a ghetto version of MTX which I nicknamed GTX. Better than a traditional edge, really locks in. Doesn't feel sketchy on icy patches.

Flex: On the softer side of medium.

Switch: I'm much weaker heelside when riding switch, so the asym sidecut actually helps out significantly for me. I feel much more confident riding switch with this in comparison to a traditional sidecut.

Pop: Not as much as a full camber board, but it gets the job done.

Butterability: At first, itís a bit strange, because when you lean into the press, you get the resistance of camber, but lean just a bit farther, and you hit the rocker and youíre suddenly in the middle of a sick press. Does take some adjusting, but its much preferable to a trad board, and fairly comparable to a rockered one.

Park: Haven't ridden it in the park yet, but it def seems like it would be a lot of fun there.

Fun Factor: Awesome! I haven't had this much fun just riding about the mountain on any other board. It puts a smile on my face from the first run to the last. Super playful.

Cons: The only con I've found with it is that itís a bit too soft to handle some chop. It kicks me around a bit more than I'd prefer, but all things considered, itís pretty much a non-issue for me.

*Bindings: I'm rocking Union Flites because I couldn't afford new bindings as well as the board, and itís not a great match. This deck deserves a stiffer binding to take full advantage of it, so I'll post an update when I get some new bindings to go with it

Also, once we get a decent drop, I'll post an update to let ya'll know how she handles in the deep.

bebop_monk 01-29-2012 11:45 PM

Powder Update:
Thanks to the recent storms out here, I was finally able to get this in some legit pow. Its a huge improvement over camber, but def not as capable as a dedicated pow stick will be. On a foot or less, it is great, don't really have to lean back, and is tons of fun to ride. Any deeper, and you def start having to lean back and start to get a little bit of leg burn. Overall its pretty good, especially if your into doing spins and ish off of natural hits and like a true twin. Also, worst case, you ride switch and let your main rear leg rest for a bit.

Also, with the Atlas' I put on this, it handles the chop much better, not nearly as much of an issue as it was with my Flites.

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