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dice 01-02-2013 10:18 PM

2013 Nitro Pantera - review
OK... so I've been on this board when I had my T6 2 years back before buying my Travis Rice and Kessler THE RIDE (KTR)! And I was blown away by it's speed, dampness and sheer performance! I was just about to purchase the 2012 (similar to 2013) which was on 50% promo special. But with demo day coming I decided to wait and try it again before jumping the gun.

Between 2012 and 2013 nothing changed on the Pantera construction except top sheet graphics! Pantera LX is no more and has been replaced by Pantera Factory which is not even close to the Pantera LX. The Factory edition is 30% lighter with Koroyd material construction and has Railkiller Edge for park rails and boxes and not as stiff.

The 2013 Pantera board was solid, fast and smooth but didn't measure up to either the T.Rice or the KTR in particular (as the Pantera & KTR are similar boards) in terms of edge hold on ice or dampness / control and even speed.

Don't get me wrong... The Pantera was still fast and smooth on chopped snow. Great edge to edge. But wasn't as playful as the T.Rice with added edge hold on ice, or as solid as the KTR as a big mountain stick and it's super grip on ice. So for me, it had no place in my quiver especially when compared to these 2 boards at hand. And it confirmed that I prefer the hybrid camber or C2 reverse camber much more than a fully cambered board which is snappy and needs to be kept on edge at all times (can't relax)!

On it's own (without reference), it still stands out as a great freeride board. I could pass by everyone in super speed. It has a decent pop off the tail and cuts through snow piles very well. And if you like traditional cambered boards it will do as a great board.

But personally for me I know it won't fit well with what I have and I would want something more than just a fast free ride board.


Triple8Sol 01-03-2013 11:55 AM

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The nice thing about Nitro boards is that they're big in EU but not as well known in the US (despite being based right here in the NW). You tend to be able to find them on deep discount at the end of the season or when buying previous season boards as you eluded to in your review. I had a Nitro Team Gullwing and NS SL-R at the same time, which were very similar, both fast but I did prefer the NS a bit more. Then again for what I paid, the NS was 3x more than the Nitro. I guess my takeaway on this review is that for this particular board, there are similar slightly better options for you, but then again if you compare prices, it would be hard to argue a similarly performing board for 40-60% off!

dice 01-05-2013 08:00 PM

I completely agree! At retail price there may be better boards for the money (which was my case getting the Kessler TR discounted at the same price as the Pantera LX retail)! But at a 40-50% discount, the board packs a great value still for it's performance.

Just to confirm the point, I am actually looking for a different Nitro board to buy before end of season! Just waiting for the price to drop a little. :giggle:


Triple8Sol 01-05-2013 10:11 PM

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Along the same lines I just picked up last year's Nitro Runaway for the lady, which has the gullwing hybrid rocker camber profile too. It's perfect for her and for what I paid, ends up being like 3x cheaper than the similar Roxy/Gnu/NS boards I was looking at originally.

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