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seriouscat 01-21-2013 01:57 AM

Quick Review: Kessler The Ride 158cm
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Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form qualified for professional reviews. This is just a personal observation as the information on this board is nearly none existent. I had a chance to take it out for the first time this weekend, and ride it back to back in similar conditions at Fernie with the NS raptor for a comparison.

Rider Stat:

US size 9 feet


2013 158cm Kessler The Ride
2012 Burton Diode Medium
Flow Talon Focus
22" stance


Hardpacked, some icy places, some choppy pow to be found at places.

First Impression:

Holy camber batman, feels like a giant spring every time you step on it. Incredible stiffness. It feels very light on the feet and grabs onto edges immediately and won't let go unless you are working. I got the feeling of any sloppy form = faceplant. Definitely sketchy for first couple runs until I got familiar with it.

Base: Really fast base, I would say it's better than anything I've ever ridden. Burton/Arbor/NS/Rossignol

Edgehold: Extremely good. As soon as you get it on edge it locks onto any surface and won't let go until you put in the effort to initiate that turn. It's actually kind of forgiving in a way that even with imperfect weight stacking it doesn't tend to wash out. I felt confident in the grip in all terrain (double blacks/ steep trees etc. Ice was no problem either.

Dampness: Very similar to a raptor, both just absorbs everything.

Turning: This thing is impossible to turn unless you are at speed or putting the effort into it. Even comparing to the raptor. If you are not at least at 25mph there is no half ass turns.

That being said once it's at speed it feels incredibly agile, the board feels very very light and you feel like like you're floating. Dynamic skids also feels good once you open the throttle up. The low weight also makes for some quick jump/pivot turns. It won't do the quick swinging turn like on a RC profile though.

Carving: Felt easy with kessler as it immediately locks it in, and accelerates really violently. It feels like it wants to carve, even if the speed is not quite there. I also feel very confident with the way it acts on edge. it was great fun and I think a better carver than me would be over the moon with this thing.

Powder: Kind of untested as only a few spots had them and mostly wind blown and variable. I didn't feel any sinking though.

Conclusion: Great free riding board for the advanced rider. DO NOT GET THIS FOR THE BEGINNER DESPITE WHAT ADVERTISING MIGHT SAY. I can totally see like 15 face plants in couple hours if I started learning on this.

While I still enjoy the ride. I really feel like I am just at a level to be able to explore this board and not yet be able to take advantage of all the things it can offer. Will have to review at end of season and see how much I have improved.

The most incredible things are:

A) Edgehold, such a confidence booster.

B) Liveliness/Agility, It also doesn't have the dead feeling I've experienced on other camber/camrock boards I've tested. Agile and floaty once speed is maintained.


I have never felt so tired after boarding. 4 hours and I am beat. I think this is a board I will save for steep days and when I am actively trying to improve, not for messing around with friends.

The only edge I caught today was of course off piste for some old powder, cartwheeled twice at 30mph did not feel good. :dizzy:

poutanen 01-21-2013 10:28 AM

Good review! :eusa_clap:

That actually sounds about like how my first day on my Virus felt...

First couple runs: "oh shit, this thing feels weird! I'm gonna bail!"

Last run of the first day: "hey... when I lean over and turn, this thing TURNS... cool!"

That said, my board got significantly softer after about 5 days on it, and I got used to riding it, so I actually find it feels playful now. There's something about knowing that your edge will HOLD that makes the rest of riding feel easier, you've always got that control if you need it.

I hope you get out on it a bit more before the end of the year to break it in and get used to it. I feel like the Virus has taken my riding to a new level, I've grown as the board has taught me new things. Not sure I would have wanted to try it on an icy/crusty day to start though. I was just on hardpack at Nakiska and had an interesting enough time getting used to it.

Great review, where are the pics!!! :D

timmytard 01-21-2013 10:54 AM

The Palm is ideal first thing in the morning, on freshly groomed.
It seems I can actually work a little bit less than usual, but as soon as it get chopped to shit.
I have to work 3rice as hard & there's no fucking around, I have to pay attention to what I'm doin'.

Just out of curiosity? What way do you ride Pout?


poutanen 01-21-2013 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by timmytard (Post 610137)
Just out of curiosity? What way do you ride Pout?

Fast!!! Ha! No seriously I'm goofy...

timmytard 01-21-2013 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by poutanen (Post 610193)
Fast!!! Ha! No seriously I'm goofy...

Perfect, me too. Easy board swaps :thumbsup:I usually don't try other boards if I have to go through the hassle of switchin' around the bindings.

I'll bring the fleet


seriouscat 01-21-2013 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by poutanen (Post 610001)
Great review, where are the pics!!! :D

Thanks. Uploaded a picture of the desecrated board to original post. (I got bored of looking at pure white board.) I am sure someone is burning my effigy as we speak. :unsure:

A member of our party did take photos and got the video of my tumble. Once I get it I will post them up.

poutanen 01-21-2013 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by seriouscat (Post 612529)
Thanks. Uploaded a picture of the desecrated board to original post. (I got bored of looking at pure white board.) I am sure someone is burning my effigy as we speak. :unsure:

LOL, that's awesome! Somehow it actually goes well with the board... :D

sidewall 01-21-2013 11:03 PM

That is one beautiful snowboard :thumbsup:

Been wanting to try one of these. The edgehold is supposed to be incredible.

dice 01-22-2013 07:25 PM

Nice review! :D

I got this board late last season (in 168) and was blown away by it's performance at every level. :yahoo: It's super fast, ultra damp, with great edge hold on ice and yet very engaging and lively for jumps and what not!

The more I ride it, the more I love it! Takes a little getting used to, but once dialled in, it's an awesome experience!

The only time I got a leg burn is when doing trees (168 remember :dizzy:) early in the season! Otherwise... for me it's a forgiving easy to mount board that I can ride practically everywhere from 4-8 hrs.

Initially I got this board as my big mountain stick! But I found myself enjoying just as much on all mountains and in all terrains (except trees & glades :dizzy: board is too long for that lol).

I had a video on my GoPro this weekend doing a freshly groomed run blasting by everything & everyone in sight! An amazing diamond trail run. Only to discover the GoPro lens was covered in snow & ice when I got up! uuurrrggg!!! :mad: Oh well... I'll try and capture something up on video soon and post for reference!

Thnx for sharing, and look forward to an update down the line.


poutanen 02-27-2013 01:28 PM

Bringing your thread back here for a second... I was just looking at Kesslers again to comment on another thread, and I saw that the sidecut radius of the KTR 163 was 10+ meters! Do you have any idea what the sidecut radius is like on the 158? the website says variable from 7-10 meters which doesn't really help me.

I'd like to see the board flat on a table beside a Burton/NS or other board, and just see if it has a longer radius. I honestly think that's one of the biggest things that make my Virus feel so excellent. The longer radius means you have to lean it over more to get the same turn out of it, and with it leaned more it's ready to bite instead of slide.

Have you been back on the KTR lately?!? I think the best way to get used to a board like that is a groomer day at Nakiska. I've been flip flopping lately between the Virus and a Burton Custom camber, and it's really weird to feel the difference. It's noticeable immediately when going to do a heelside carve for me.

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