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Sudden_Death 03-13-2013 06:57 PM

Review: 2011 Status Uno
I picked this up dirt cheap off the Status website. It was on mega clearance being a 2011. I ordered the 161, I'm usually between 200-215 lbs. and wanted something that I could try painting this summer and just as a beater board. This seems to be pretty close to a Never Summer SL. I know they are made in the same factory and the specs seem to be pretty much identical.

So, first impressions. Build quality looks top shelf. The fiberglass is all very uniform, no bubbles or any visible defects. The base and edges are fitted really well and the same with the p-tex sidewalls. I put on a pair of K2 Uprises I had sitting around and just strapped in on the carpet. The thing that caught me first off was that torsionally this board is pretty soft but stiffer front to back. On the Status site they had this board listed a 4 flex and it seems to be pretty accurate. For my reference the last four boards I've been riding (and their factory flex ratings) were a Smokin' MIP 158 (flex 5), Never Summer Heritage 160 (flex 5.5), Smokin Mailorder Bride 159 (flex 6) and an Arbor Westmark 156 (flex 5ish). This could bring on an entire rant about flex ratings between and even within companies but I will leave that for another time.

I put about 15 runs on my little local hill on it today in very soft spring conditions. And I have to say this is one of the most fun boards I have been on. The torsional give made turn initiation a breeze and even in slow heavy slush it got edge to edge faster than any board but my Westmark. It is a really solid ride, not much chatter at all. You can feel that Never Summer dampness in this deck for sure. The few icy patches in the shade or where it had been scrapped down it handled well too. it wasn't as good as the Mailorder Bride with it being flat camber with Smokin's more mellow magne-traction, but I never had an oh crap moment with it. It does come with vario-grip and I found on my Heritage that while good it is a step bellow mag and grip-tech (Arbor) when really firm or icy. I hit a couple medium kickers and it felt super stable on the way up the lip and really planted well on the landings. I don't do rails but did hit a couple flat boxes and handled them just fine. I will however post an update when it hardens up later this week.

Thus far I would say that for anyone looking for a nice board on limited funds, especially if you want something other than traditional camber and different sidecut tech then the Uno would be a very solid choice.

Sudden_Death 03-14-2013 08:28 PM

Today's conditions couldn't have been more different from day one. Temperature swung from +5 the day before to -15C overnight. It was about -7 when I got there and being March break the kids/families had managed to scrape what little the groomer had accomplished into piles at the bottom by the time I'd arrived. It was bombproof Ontario ice and to top it off was the flattest light I'd ridden all year. The board hung in pretty well. I rode it for half the day then switched over to the Smokin' M.O.B. The Uno will handle anything you can throw at it it seems, pretty much like what I've read about the SL it is based off. Even a flat, stiff board with mag was sketchy at best today so I have to say I am impressed by the Uno.

Extremo 03-15-2013 07:19 AM

Status is pretty big out here. A few local riders have been on the team over the years. Although it looks like many of them have moved on to Niche.

I've always thought they look exactly like a Neversummer. Same shape, same sidecut, same camber profile. It's interesting that you say they're built in the same factory. I wonder if the two are affiliated in anyway. After riding the NS boards this year I'd be interested to see how the Status boards stack up.

Sudden_Death 03-15-2013 12:12 PM

I think they just license the tech and pay them to press the boards. Kind of like a lot of boards being pressed by Elan. It does have Never Summer patten number whatever printed on the board for the use of RC.

Sudden_Death 03-20-2013 06:55 PM

Totally fell in love with this board today. We got what amounts to a powder day here and this board ate it up. First part of the day was spent bombing soft cord groomers and the 2nd half following the lift towers and staying far to the sides for the closest thing this area has to off trail riding. It only got to about knee deep and it was pretty tracked but board handled it all well. I noted in the initial post that the board was way softer torsionally than longitudinally. This trait really showed itself when twisting tight turns over seriously rutted out tracks. The board initiated the turn fast but the front to back stiffness kept it from felling like a noodle when the board was straddling from one rut to another.

For something I bought as my rock board/art project I could not be happier. It isn't a great ice board but if you tend to ride stuff that isn't utter shite this board will take it happily and I am tempted to check out their park decks now.

TheNorminator 03-20-2013 07:39 PM

Hey, glad you love your new board! But you said it isn't the best in ice; what problems did you have? What was the edge grip like? It was definitely worse than magnetraction, but was it "worse" than Arbor's Grip Tech? This board looks so tempting but being that I live in NJ (very similar conditions) I need a board that grips well in ice.

Sudden_Death 03-20-2013 08:53 PM

It's more that it isn't better on pure ice than the Mailorder Bride. So if it is icy I tend to gravitate more to that one. Mag can be kind of overkill a lot of the time, 95% of the days I rode I had no need for it. Glad I did have it, but if I were on the Arbor or the Uno without it they'd hold up just fine.

It is hard to judge between it and the Arbor. The Westmark is full rocker, noticeably softer and 6cm shorter. The Uno holds better than it does but that could be due to length and flex/camber profile. The Uno on all but the very iciest days is a great board and even then it should work more than well enough. On the days where the snow is even half decent it is a straight up blast.

Ungrateful 03-31-2013 01:17 PM

Bought a 158 2012 uno. The day they shipped it they lowered the price of the board and changed it to 30% off from 25% so I lost about 50$ -.-, but what are you going to do:dunno: Going to try and ride it before end of season but its closing fast so we will see.

Sudden_Death 03-31-2013 02:05 PM

Yeah, I ordered at 10% off only to have it drop to 30%. Even at 10% it was a great deal.

24WERD 03-31-2013 02:41 PM

They also lowered the sales prices as well. Got a board for 116$

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