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thefork 01-04-2014 07:17 PM

Driving to Colorado Solo, have 7-10 days, where should I go?
Budgetwise I don't want to spend more than $150 a night for a hotel, and would rather go to a cool place. Never had the freedom to go anywhere in Colorado. I was leaning, Aspen, Snowmass, Vail or Telluride? I will have a car so I can stay anywhere technically.

Any suggestions? Thank you for all responses in advance.

Argo 01-04-2014 07:45 PM

How old are you. What kinda partying you looking for? Where you coming from

linvillegorge 01-04-2014 08:26 PM

Draw a 100 mile or so circle around Denver. Pick somewhere outside of that for lesser crowds on the weekend.

thefork 01-04-2014 09:25 PM

I am late 30s, but still like to go out and party, so I would like a place with nightlife. I snowboard but don't use the parks, just cruising. I have been to Vail, Beaver Creek and SnowMass before, never been anywhere else. What would be the next 1-2 choices? Don't know how to choose except for Googling "top Colorado Resorts" I figured you guys would have better suggestions. Coming from Kansas City.

linvillegorge 01-04-2014 09:49 PM

Steamboat seems like a good candidate.

thefork 01-04-2014 11:26 PM

Will snow tires be needed on a toyota camry?

ridinbend 01-04-2014 11:29 PM

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Subaru is mandatory.

snowklinger 01-04-2014 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by linvillegorge (Post 1400865)
Steamboat seems like a good candidate.

thats what I'd choose. Steamboat seems to get nuked all the time. That or Wolf Creek, but only if its firing down there.


Originally Posted by thefork (Post 1401201)
Will snow tires be needed on a toyota camry?

it is a very very very good idea.

killclimbz 01-05-2014 09:03 AM

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Put snow tires on. The cluster fuck on I70 at Morrison hill yesterday was from morons not having the right tires and spinning out. I just have a fwd but have studded snow tires. No issues at all unless the snow gets deep enough to high center me. That is why I keep a snow shovel in the trunk.

killclimbz 01-05-2014 09:04 AM

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Steamboat btw, is a good choice right now. They seem to be in the bullseye.

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