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sheepstealer 01-13-2014 09:39 AM

Trip to Park City - questions!
Few friends and I booked a trip to PC in early March. The group is a mix of skiers and riders, we got a decently-priced condo just outside of PC.

Anyways, this will be a first-time-in-PC-trip for the most of us and I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on the better places to go, be it resorts, restaurants, extra-curriculars (tours?), etc. We'll be there for 6 days and plan to ski/ride most of them. We'll maybe take one day off to rest our legs.

A few assumptions/things I've already heard:

1. Canyons is a pretty mellow resort, and if we want better terrain to look elsewhere. Is this true?

2. Brighton is more of a snowboard mountain - true/false? How's their park? Honestly, we're mostly there for the freeriding but myself and one other guy have a park-itch.

3. Beer doesn't go above 3.2 %.

4. Solitude has good vertical.

We're all advanced skiers and riders. We'll be staying inbounds for the most part.

Good places to eat? Good places to apres? Good places to party?

Thanks all for any tips/advice!

TMXMOTORSPORTS 01-13-2014 10:58 AM

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Been going there for 8 years.We sty in Bear Hollow it is 5 min from the Canyons.1# I like the Canyons it has alot of terain from Fright Gully to Harmony also has a place to eat drink take a piss chill at almost every lift.
2# Brighton there are snowboarders there:laugh:Fun place found some powder in the woods pretty chill place. I don't ride parkso I can't help any on that
3#Beer just keep drinking it will add up
4# Solitude haven't riden there but I think you can get a pass for Brighton and Solitude all in one.
I am home body so I eat at the house and get wasted there. If you guys are going to have a car I would go to Powder it is a drive from Park City.
There is plenty of night life in Park City my daughter and her boyfreind wouldn't get back to the house till late.
One other thing enjoy it.:yahoo:

neednsnow 01-13-2014 03:21 PM

Phew, lots of thoughts going on here.

1. Canyons is decent, but there is better terrain to be had. Also know that PC/Canyons tend to get less snow than Snowbird/Bright/Solitude. This isn't always, but it is usually the case.

2. Brighton has a decent park scene, but if you want to ride park, just ride Park City. No need to do all the drive to Brighton when you have a comparable (if not better) park at PC.

3. Beer doesn't go above 3.2 %. At bars Yeah, but the liquor stores have all beers/booze/wine options.

4. Solitude has good vertical. Yup, and fewer crowds, but the best Vert is at Snowbird. If there are storm disturbances and Canyons/PC is getting 3-4 inches, know that Bird/Bright/Tude could be getting 8-12.

Lifthouse has discount tickets on the way to the SB/Bright/Tude.

Best Party is in Park City. All sorts of bars....good live music to be had at a number of spots.

Good Apres: Stop at the Cotton Bottom (Dive Bar) after a stop at SB/Bright/Tude for a garlic burger. Yum.

If you have the time, head out 80 and up 84 (Take this route as opposed to going back into the valley....much prettier) to either Powder Mountain or Snowbasin. Powder is the classic locals mountain, and Snowbasin is a little more high brow. Personally, I prefer Snowbasin because i don't like wasting my time on low-speed lifts. Powder has never really done anything for me. Best time to go to Powder is if it has snowed in the past 3-5 days and everywhere is tracked-out. At Snowbasin, The views from and runs under the Strawberry lift are worth the visit. Coming back from Snowbasin or Powder, hit the Shooting Star Saloon. Another dive bar, but a cool throw-back.

Not really much to do for tours since you'll be riding much.

Park City also used to do a ride the day you land for free deal. Not sure if they still do.

livs4pow 01-14-2014 07:23 AM

Pretty sure the beer goes above 3.2% you just have to get it from a state owned liquor store....maybe my mind is just foggy but I'm pretty sure that I didn't drink any beer less than 8% while I was there.
Never been to park city so I'm no help on that but I agree with the info above.

TMXMOTORSPORTS 01-14-2014 01:10 PM

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Just got word that i am going to be there from the 3rd to the 12th of march.:yahoo:

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