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sheepstealer 02-26-2014 10:33 AM

PC/Canyons/Brighton/Solitude recommendations
Headed to PC for a week, landing in SLC on Monday morning.

I'll be riding with a group of 4-5 other people, all advanced skiers and riders.

My question is what areas or specific trails should we check out for the resorts mentioned in the thread line? Any secret stashes (that you're willing to share...)? We won't be doing much sidecountry...minimal hiking.

Very much into all-mountain freestyle riding. Love the trees, bouncing off everything, etc. I ride park too and will definitely get into PCs and Brighton's parks but for now am mostly curious about all-mountain areas we should definitely check out.

Any recommendations?

Edit: also, second question - will I need a camelback/backpack for these resorts/do folks usually wear these? I was riding out at Big Sky last year and having a pack definitely made it easier. Not familiar with the general layout for these Utah locales.


TMXMOTORSPORTS 02-26-2014 12:07 PM

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I fly in on monday also..I have been going to Utah for years we stay in Park City so Canyons is 5 min from where we stay. I have ridden there alot, I don't know of any hidden stashes there. I ride with a small back pack to hold a few beers maybe a sandwitch there are plenty of places to get food beer water take a piss just about every lift has a place for any of that so you can wear a pack if you wan't to spend less on food and stuff or if you don't it is there. Plenty of tree ridding also not to many flat spots RedPine Road has one at the end you just have to pin it at the top to barley make it not to far of a skate if you don't make it. I avoid RedPine lodge around lunch I also ride more on the left side of the mountain. If you like long groomers there is one called Harmony that is real long also on the right of the Resort there is a run called Boa and a natural half pipe that will work your ass it called Canus Lupus not sure if I spelled that right or not.
Brighton I have been there only a few times I don't do park really so I can't help there but I do like the tree riding there. There are 2 places to get food I would bring a pack there the food I got there was not that great.Stash spots I found one area but I don't think I should have been there AT ALL and it envolved alot of hiking out.
PCMR been there 6 or 7 times ugh I found one area there that I liked and stayed there and that was near Jupiter lift it is not really on a trail map.
Solitude haven't been there maybe this time.
Good Luck and have fun :thumbsup:

mixie 02-26-2014 01:53 PM

If you want cocktails (and not just beer and wine) at Canyons you need to take the shortcut lift to the sun deck or whatever it's called. OR get off the bubble chair at the first stop.

That is the only place that serves booze...

I was never able to find the booze at solitude...but I wasn't drinking that day anyway.

I only did two days at canyons but I'd say stick to the 9990 chair OR the condor. Peak 5 was cool too. Im sure there's good stuff around besides that but Lower mountain was super crowded when I went. I did find some nice pow in the trees under the saddleback lift. But it got moguled out quickly.

If you see big giant fields of untouched pow? Chances are it's private property and you will end up hiking out of someones driveway. Not that it happened to me or anything but I swear it's NOT well marked.


TMXMOTORSPORTS 02-26-2014 02:30 PM

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Originally Posted by mixie (Post 1573849)

If you see big giant fields of untouched pow? Chances are it's private property and you will end up hiking out of someones driveway. Not that it happened to me or anything but I swear it's NOT well marked.


Yep I have hiked out of the spot I think you are talking about many times I hate powder fever.:giggle:Those houses are fucking sweet there.

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